One Pot Chicken + Asparagus Lemon Cream Pasta


I’m just going to lay it all out there, guys.  We’ve talked about that word ‘creamy’.  There.  I said it.  I put it out there.  I can not stand the way that word sounds.  But it needs to be used.  Theres a time and a place…and this, right here, would be it.  

The one pot pastas are still happening over here.  They are simple and quick…and truly,  the  sauces that they yield are unbeatable.  And this One Pot Chicken + Asparagus Lemon Cream Pasta is no different.

Brown your chicken right in the pot..the juices will be the most perfect savory addition to your Lemon Cream Sauce..


Sauté your asparagus…just for a quick minute or two, until it is vibrant-green and coated in all of that yummy pan juice…


Then drop in the rest of your ingredients.  Including the pasta..


Get your simmer on until the pasta is perfectly al dente and then all thats left to do is stir in your lemon and parmesan.  Add the chicken and asparagus back to the pot and…voila!  One Pot Chicken + Asparagus Lemon Cream Pasta.


So springy…so decadent.  A top-notch way to get those veggie haters to eat every last bit of their asparagus!

One Pot Chicken + Asparagus Lemon Cream Pasta

notes:  regular pasta will work great here, too, but be sure to use brown rice or quinoa for gluten free-versions of this dish


1 Tablespoon Olive Oil

1 Tablespoon Unsalted Butter

1 Pound Boneless, Skinless Chicken Breast Filets, seasoned with salt + pepper

1/2 Pound Asparagus, woody ends trimmed and cut into 1 inch pieces

2 Garlic Cloves, finely chopped

3/4 Teaspoon Kosher Salt

1/2 Teaspoon Dried Thyme or 2 Teaspoons Chopped Fresh Thyme

1/8 Teaspoon Black Pepper

4 Cups Chicken Stock

1 1/2 Cups Whole Milk

16 Ounces Brown Rice or Quinoa Spaghetti

1/4 Cup Fresh Lemon Juice

1/4 Cup Grated Parmesan Cheese

Crushed Red Pepper Flakes, for serving, optional


Heat the olive oil and butter in a pasta pot or dutch oven over medium heat.  Add the chicken and cook, top side down, for 7 minutes or until the chicken is nicely browned.  Flip the chicken and cook for an additional 7 minutes or until chicken is cooked through.  Remove chicken to a plate and set aside.  Let chicken cool for 5 minutes and then slice into strips.

Add asparagus to the pot and cook for 2 minutes, stirring often.  Remove asparagus and set on the plate with the chicken.

Add the garlic, salt, thyme, pepper, chicken stock, milk and pasta to the pot. Bring the pot to a boil over medium high heat. Once at a boil, drop the heat to medium and gently boil, stirring often with a fork to break up the noodles, for about 7 minutes or until pasta is cooked just al dente and most of the liquid is absorbed.  Stir in the lemon juice, parmesan, sliced chicken and asparagus.  Serve topped with crushed red pepper flakes, if desired.  Serves 4-6.


37 thoughts on “One Pot Chicken + Asparagus Lemon Cream Pasta

  1. if only “creamy” could also be “low calory”, then the world would be perfect!! But I will gladly made an exception for this dish, because it looks AMAZING

  2. My heat skipped a beat. Lemon, asparagus, and pasta! Whenever I say I love a recipe my husband asks, “Did you kiss it?” I just may with this one!

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