Life Update

Friends and family, it has been quite some time. I hope this note finds you and your loved ones well! Checking in with some life updates to let you know we haven’t forgotten about this community of incredible support and connection.

Nicks health is overall well. To catch you up as shortly and sweetly as possible, his liver transplant has been incredibly successful with minimal complications as a whole. Unfortunately, in 2021, his cancer metastasized to his lungs. He has had 3 surgeries now to successfully remove the cancer and has taken each one in stride and with such grace. His most recent surgery was in April and he is now back on his feet and back to life as we know it which we are so grateful for.

We’ve been on a quest for 4 years to find an oncologist that sees the need for a preventative approach for Nick-we’ve always been guided to “watch, wait and remove” because of his limitations with his transplant. But we think we have finally found our match. This oncologist has provided extensive and cutting edge tests to really dig into Nicks diagnosis and we feel we finally have some answers and options to potentially slow this all down. Our next meeting with the oncologist is in a few weeks and we will work toward a plan for Nick at that time. We have a renewed sense of hope heading into this appointment. Nick still amazes me everyday with his positive outlook, strong will and patience through it all. He’s something else.

The kids are great. Finishing up 5th grade, 3rd grade and kindergarten and growing in every sense of the word-emotionally, physically and spiritually. It’s insane how proud I feel of each one of them-they teach us what life is all about every single day. We look forward to a memory-filled summer together🤍

I took on a new career role and feel like God placed this little endeavor in my lap so very intentionally. I’m working in communications for CancerChoices, an organization that helps people with cancer, caregivers and health professionals understand their options in integrative cancer care to promote healing and improve outcomes. Its fueling my soul in ways I could have only imagined and I feel so much purpose in joining this important work. Nick is living proof of the importance of this-every patient deserves to understand every one of their options and to feel empowered and completely supported throughout their diagnosis and beyond. It would mean the world to have you follow along on social media and through our monthly news updates-sharing and spreading the word is our greatest hope for changing the narrative on how cancer is approached 🤍

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You have no idea how much we think about this community. You’ve been with us through so much and we will never forget that. One day, if life ever slows, I hope to be back on here sharing recipes. I’m still cooking-but boy does it look different in the insanely busy days we are in. Sending love from our entire family and wishing health and happiness to each one of you . 🤍



Checking In

I’ve been waiting for the right words to come to me so I could properly depict all of the feelings going on inside of my heart. But they aren’t coming. It’s been 73 days since Nicks been back home and I still feel speechless over what has transpired over these past 14 months. And while these words dont come close to translating how it truly feels, all I can say is that I am simply overwhelmed at where we are today.

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A Note From Nick

What a year it has been! It started with the words no one wants to hear and was followed by denials from multiple medical institutions, invasive cancer treatments, fighting to be listed for liver transplant and grasping on to hope along the way. Next came a life saving liver transplant, major complications that put me in the ICU for weeks, recovering in New York City during the Covid-19 pandemic and 3 months away from my kids. Today marks 1 month of being back home with my family and reflecting on an incredible journey I will never forget.

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Update-8 Weeks Post Surgery

Hey you all…I hope this note finds you safe and healthy.  Just thought I would drop you a few lines to let you know how Nicks been doing.

We are having a pretty darn difficult time grasping that he is almost 8 weeks post transplant.  This time has flown and drug all at the same time.  Nick continues to improve by the day.  He tends to have bloodwork on Mondays and e-visits with his team on Wednesdays.  There has been a ton of blood level observation and medication tweaking….it’s really amazing to watch how all of this works. It’s such a science, yet such an art all in one, if that makes any sense at all. Continue reading


Nicks bloodwork from yesterday came back. His liver labs are all continuing to trend in the right direction. His body seems to be absorbing his anti rejection meds much more efficiently now, too, so they can knock the dosing of those down a bit. All really wonderful news. He will have labs next week and we will continue reevaluating as we go. He’s feeling well, seems to be improving by the day and his incision is healing beautifully. He’s been doing an awesome job of staying on top of his meds and blood pressure. All so positive.

So many of you have asked what’s keeping us out here..and I’m realizing I’ve never really explained to you the deal… Continue reading

A Note For The Caregivers

Disclaimer: I, in absolutely no way, want to lose sight of the true hero here, my husband and the patients that fight so tirelessly day in and day out. The strength and healing comes from them, both physically and mentally. What I hope to achieve through this post is awareness for all of those that might be fighting along side those fearless patients and struggling or feeling discouraged. It is our job as their family and friends to do our part in supporting them emotionally, even in just the most simple and basic ways. I am so incredibly grateful to be one that is supported so very well, and to have experienced first hand how impactful this support can be.

I’ve done my very best these last 11 months. I’ve had to process the possibility of losing my partner, my love. I’ve had to come up with a plan of what parenting alone for the rest of my life might look like. I’ve gone over in my head how I might have to explain to my kids that they’ve lost their father; what that unimaginable scene might entail. Continue reading

First Post-Op Apt

Nicks appointments went well today.  He had bloodwork, we met with someone from the liver team and also saw a cardiologist.  He checked out well in the liver department.  No big concerns…no fluid retention…his incision is healing nicely..they even took his staples out..and I can tell you that was not fun to watch; he’s literally the most brave human I know.  The appointment with the cardiologist went well, too.  We were assured that while Nicks aortic dissection will need to be followed from here on out with check-ups, it is not of urgent concern right now. And hopefully keeping his blood pressure below normal will help keep any complications at bay.  He will have repeat scans in June either at the U of M or here, depending on where we are when that time comes.  But for now, we just need to continue monitoring his blood pressure at home three times a day.  Great news. Continue reading