Parmesan Crusted Zucchini Bites


So I think my family has fully recovered from the zucchini overload that transpired a few weeks ago.  I’ve learned that putting them through the hells of zucchini recipe testing for a couple of weeks actually isn’t too bad of a tactic to get them to completely appreciate all of the other veggies out there.  Lately I’ve been hearing things like We aren’t having zucchini?  We’re having broccoli?  YESSSS!!!  So really, we are all sort of winning here.

But this Parmesan Crusted Zucchini Rounds recipe shouldn’t even technically count as zucchini.  Fried cheese? Now that’s more like it. Continue reading

Butter, Lime + Parmesan Corn

Happy official summer, friends! It’s a much anticipated time here in Minnesota and man can we embrace it. Lakes for days. Warmth. Homegrown produce. BBQs. Patios. Late bedtimes. Smores over a bonfire. Sandy shoes. And CORN.

Let’s just get something straight, for starters.  I love Minnesota.  Living here is perfect for myself and my family.  But I am a gosh darn Iowa girl..and proud of it.  18 wonderful years of my life were spent in Iowa and aside from Hawkeye football…and pork…and so many other fabulous things….that place reigns supreme for homegrown corn.  There’s just nothing like it.  We ate it so often in the summers…and there were always farmers selling it out of the back of their trucks along the sides of the roads.  Hows that for fresh? Continue reading

Kale with Lemon Cream Sauce


Good old kale. ¬†It’s wonderful. ¬†It’s versatile. ¬†It’s full of so many fantastic nutrients. ¬†The total package. ¬†I’ve always adored it; for salads, wilting into soups and stews and so much more. ¬†But I have got to say this Kale with Lemon Cream Sauce is up there high on my list of very favorite side dishes. Continue reading

Parmesan + Goat Cheese Grilled Zucchini Boats


My husband? ¬†He’s pretty amazing. ¬†Sensitive. ¬†Kind. ¬†Strong. ¬†Intelligent. ¬†Nearly the whole shebang, that Nickyboy is. ¬†But a zucchini lover he is not‚Ķit’s the texture. ¬†I can let the toilet seat thing go. ¬†The all-too-often-frat-house-vibe I get from living with him, fine, I’ll get over it (please, just put the toilet seat down. ¬†And the toothpaste‚Ķjust clean the remains out of the sink before you finish!) But the lack of love for a little tiny thing called ‘summer squash’ that is very near and dear to my heart? ¬†I can’t. ¬†I won’t. ¬†This is a part of our marriage‚Ķfor better or for worse. ¬†You’ve committed to me? ¬†You’ve committed to summer squash. ¬†Have I mentioned that he’s passed this turn-your-nose-up mentality of it on to my daughter? ¬†Oy vey. ¬†I’m in trouble.¬† Continue reading