Sweet + Sticky Roasted Brussels

If you are looking to get your fam on board with Brussels sprouts, these just might be the ticket. Slightly crisp outside, tender inside and a sweet, bold sticky coating that is just the perfect base for a sprinkle of crunchy walnuts on top. Serve these up with a grilled, baked or roasted fish, steak or chicken and dinner is done! Continue reading

Super Bowl Inspo

Happy Saturday! In the event that you are looking for a little last minute super bowl grub inspiration, here are a few faves. My guess is there won’t be a ton of gathering going on this year but that won’t stop us from a game-day-grub-filled kitchen, right? Here are a few ideas from the past that would be perfect for the big game! Continue reading

Winter Power Salad with Lemon Honey Vinaigrette

Good day, buddies! How we doing? I sit here this morning with a cozy cup of coffee and a beautiful view of the falling snow. And while there’s not much more aesthetically stunning than a fresh snowfall in the woods in my book, this time of year can get pretty mundane and heavy with the foods we eat. So it got me thinking that you might all need a little lightness thrown into your winter meal rotations, just as we do. And this salad should absolutely do the trick 👌🏼 Continue reading

Pickled Purple Cabbage

Do any of you absolutely love to ‘eyeball’ cook? You know, no measuring spoons, no recipes, just throwing ingredients together and using your good old fashioned trust of the old eyeballs? Its the only way I cook most times…my favorite way to cook. Which sounds silly, really, because I share recipes here. But most times, when Im trying to create a recipe, I eyeball it first…and if it turns out worthy to share with all of you…Ill go back and make it again and measure as I go and jot it down for you. True love, no?

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No-Bake Chocolate Chewy Cookies

That title is a mouthful, friends, I know. But I had to get all of the important characteristics of these goodies in that one title, right? No-bake because you will not believe how fast these are to put together; maybe a 10-minuter, right here; the easiest “cookies” you’ll ever make. Chocolate, because, well, they are sweet and rich and contain just the right amount of cocoa to give you that chocolate fix you are craving. Chewy, because serving these frozen provides just the perfect texture and chew. And cookies, I suppose, because they are the perfect hand-held, grabbable sweet treat.

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Well, I suppose I am officially back here for recipes, friends. Thank you for bearing with me while I needed to be there extra for my family. It’s been one heck of a year and a half and I simply can not believe how far we’ve come. I’m beyond grateful to tell you that Nick is doing great. Feeling great, looking great, bloodwork great…it’s all just so much to digest and I mean that in an over-the-top-overwhelmed-with-gratitude sort of way. To have witnessed first hand what that man went through was both a nightmare and a gift. He is just incredible. You know, when you’re in the midst of something that traumatic, sometimes you just go on autopilot and don’t have the ability to fully process what is happening. So now, all of that processing is happening and while it can leave marks and scars, we are so full of gratefulness.

Some of you have been here from the get-go; cooking along with me and supporting me in my little side gig that I love so dearly. And some of you joined us to stay updated on Nick; the prayers and support you provided us will never be forgotten. And now it’s time to turn the page to the next chapter.

It is with a tip toe that I step back into this recipe writing and sharing thing. You see, as many of you know, when you go through something traumatic, something that’s taken your control away, something that won’t give you and end mark or ever fully leave your life, you have this beautiful, yet sad sense of nothing is forever. And the truth of all of this is that taking this step back into something that I loved so deeply, that defined me and was my sense of “normal” life for so long, feels a little challenging. It means that it might not ever look like it did and that I could fail this time around. It means that I might never fully be able to unravel in it the way I did before because of the experiences that have changed me. And it means that I’m officially trying to turn the page onto the next chapter and there are so very many emotions that come with that. Because when you’ve reached the point of closure in situations like this, there lies the opportunity for it all to happen again. And that can feel really scary.

But it’s time and we can do it. Maybe it won’t be the same, but we can take everything we’ve gained and apply it back to where we started…with a fresh, new, revitalized perspective and creativity. I want to thank you all again for your support. Whether it’s been from the get-go, sharing NP with friends and family and helping me promote my small business, whether it’s been through the side jobs you have provided or participated in with me, or whether it’s the support you’ve given my family when Nick was sick. I am so very happy to be back here in my element, writing and cooking with all of you, and I look forward to what’s in store. And now…deep breaths🤍

Checking In

I’ve been waiting for the right words to come to me so I could hop on here and properly depict all of the feelings going on inside of my heart. But they aren’t coming. It’s been 73 days since Nicks been back home and I still feel speechless over what has transpired over these past 14 months. And while these words dont come close to translating how it truly feels, all I can say is that I am simply overwhelmed at where we are today.

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A Note From Nick

What a year it has been! It started with the words no one wants to hear and was followed by denials from multiple medical institutions, invasive cancer treatments, fighting to be listed for liver transplant and grasping on to hope along the way. Next came a life saving liver transplant, major complications that put me in the ICU for weeks, recovering in New York City during the Covid-19 pandemic and 3 months away from my kids. Today marks 1 month of being back home with my family and reflecting on an incredible journey I will never forget.

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