Scan Results

Hello, all! Wanted to share an update as Nick had his scans on Monday. The tumor board, which includes his interventional radiologist and transplant surgeon among many others, have reviewed them and we’ve talked through the results. As you know, just to recap, Nick has five tumors on his liver. Two are very large and are taking up the bulk of the masses. Nick has had two Y90 treatments thus for each of the two largest tumors (which are not too different in size). Here what we know… Continue reading

AFP Results

Well, we finally received the results from the Interventional Radiologist for Nicks AFP (tumor marker)…and I am so relieved to report that the number is down! Nicks AFP was around 1050 three weeks ago, and Friday’s bloodwork is showing its down to 678. The IR feels that his numbers are showing “solid progress”…but also said that sometimes the numbers can be misleading so the MRI scheduled on the 9th will show us where we really stand. All in all, we are taking today as a big fat win!

Just to recap, we need to get Nicks AFP down in order for his case to be even slightly considered for a transplant. In a perfect world, his AFP would be as low as 250…studies show that when patients go to transplant with AFPs above 250, their risk of the cancer reoccurring increases. Nicks transplant surgeon really thinks he could make a case for transplant if we got it down to 500, tho. At least this was his thoughts prior to starting treatment. All of this being said, his AFP isn’t all that matters. We need to see how things look in his MRI. Once the scans are done his team of physicians will be better able to plot out next steps. So SO many moving parts, but today’s news feels so hopeful and positive.

Nick is still feeling pretty darn good…such a champ. Trying to keep as busy as possible in these waiting days and he’s waking up and choosing happiness each and every day, which is such a beautiful thing to witness.

So now we continue to wait until 9/9 scans. Until then, we will keep hope and faith front and center. Thank you all for your constant prayers…we really and truly feel them carrying us along. I will be sure to update you if anything comes up. Enjoy these last days of summer…lots of love to you all! Xoxo