Scan Results

Hello, all! Wanted to share an update as Nick had his scans on Monday. The tumor board, which includes his interventional radiologist and transplant surgeon among many others, have reviewed them and we’ve talked through the results. As you know, just to recap, Nick has five tumors on his liver. Two are very large and are taking up the bulk of the masses. Nick has had two Y90 treatments thus for each of the two largest tumors (which are not too different in size). Here what we know…

The first tumor they treated is definitely damaged, but not gone. If you recall, this was the treatment they weren’t able to be too aggressive with as the pathway they have to get into that tumor wasn’t a straight shot..therefore, some of the beads went to his tumor, and some into his liver which was why they couldn’t be too aggressive..they didn’t want to do too much damage to his liver and send him into severe failure.

The second tumor they treated is appearing to be completely dead. DEAD. I can’t even believe I get to say those words to you! As you know, this was his second treatment, and this was the treatment that allowed them to be more aggressive because the beads all went directly to tumor. While they can’t completely confirm that this tumor is 100% dead, then can confidently say that they have done tremendous damage and that there is no more tumor there left to target. This is incredibly positive news!

And now for next steps. On 9/30 they are going to go back in and treat the 1st tumor again with TACE. As you probably remember, there are two options of local regional therapy for them to give Nick..Y90 (radiation) which is what he’s had twice, and TACE (chemotherapy) which is what he will be having on the 30th. Same procedure for Nick and both treatments block the blood flow to the tumor. The difference is that once the blood flow is blocked, Y90 keeps radioactive particles around the tumor to kill it and TACE keeps chemotherapy drugs around it. Nicks radiologist is confident that this is the right next step; they’ve already tried Y90 and the TACE procedure will allow him to go in and target many different remnants of the tumor vs a straight shot into the middle of it. We are 100% on board.

As of right now, Nicks AFP is reflective of what the scans are showing. His AFP went from 1050 down to 678…and his scans are showing that about 35% of the total tumors have been killed. Our goal is to shrink his tumors and get his AFP down further so that we have a solid case for him to be listed for a transplant. The doctors feel that if we can get that first tumor killed, we will likely be close to where we need to be.

As the doctors told us, the stars still need to align with everything. We have a ton of steps ahead of us, but we will keeping picking away at this in the most strategic, smart, safe way possible. We are currently filled with more hope than ever and we are celebrating this step in the right direction…it is so uplifting! Nick is feeling awesome..and he looks so good too. Hearing the scan results and having next steps in place feels so incredibly good. Nick is so full of gratitude and joy…and truly, there aren’t words to describe how I’m feeling. I am just on-my-knees thankful. Beyond measure.

Thank you all for the prayers and positive thoughts…we truly can’t imagine going through any of this without your love and care. Hope you are having a great start to fall…sending you giant, celebratory hugs! Xo

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  1. Hi Melissa,
    I literally just spoke to Nick as he was making the turn and heading back out to finish up golfing… I said that I look forward to your updates and he said you were working on an update… I come back to my desk and… wa-lah…. Your email is here!
    Having gone through some troubling health issues of my own, I find myself personally relating to the emotional aspect of all this… I have learned to wake up each day…and celebrate the “victories” (big or small). Just given a new day is a huge thing. Feeling “good” is a huge thing. Having my kids and husband around me is a huge thing. I know you both get this. It shows in your updates and I am so inspired by the way you communicate openly what’s going on. I know we don’t know each other very well, but know that your family is highly thought of and cherished. The power of prayer and love will continue to surround you!

    Sara Picka
    Administrative Assistant
    Olympic Hills Golf Club
    10625 Mount Curve Road
    Eden Prairie, MN 55347

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    nourishedpeach posted: “Hello, all! Wanted to share an update as Nick had his scans on Monday. The tumor board, which includes his interventional radiologist and transplant surgeon, have reviewed them and we’ve talked through the results. As you know, just to recap, Nick has fiv”

    1. What an incredibly kind note Sara. Thank you so very much for your beautiful words of wisdom and encouragement. We are so blessed by you and the rest of our Olympic Hills family. I will also keep you close in have such a beautiful outlook❤️

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