Honoring St Jude

No real update to share, you guys. Just feeling like writing as my heart is so touched today.

This morning we celebrated (a few days early) All Saints Day at Georgia and Jude’s school. It’s a special day at their school for many reasons and is celebrated with so much tradition. Each year, the kindergarten class prepares this mass with the help of their eighth grade “buddies”. The kindergarteners work with their buddies to research and learn about a saint that they have chosen, and they get to make crowns and costumes and parade through a very special mass honoring those saints. It is such a sweet, precious, joyful celebration. This year was Jude’s turn as a kindergartener and as you might guess, Jude chose St Jude Thaddeus.

For as long as I can remember, even before I met Nick, I hoped to have a boy someday and name him Jude. I have always loved that name and the meaning behind it….St Jude has always been my favorite Saint. He exemplified the meaning of hope. Faith in lost causes. And even miracles. So when we found out we were pregnant with a baby boy six years ago, there was no question of what his name was going to be. No other names in the running…he was Jude.

And each year on All Saints Day, I have reflected and celebrated extra that we got to give our son that name. That we chose it for him because of what it meant and the beauty behind it. But this year, as we celebrate and approach All Saints Day, it feels different. It feels like I didn’t really choose that name at all. It feels like God very strategically placed that name in my heart many years ago for His own reasons. Because He knew we would need that name in our family. That we would need a constant reminder that when our hearts feel a little emptier than usual, or the road feels a little more rocky, we can remember St Jude and the hope he can provide our hearts. What a beautiful thing. Our little Judebug is a living, breathing, walking reminder, whenever we need it. What special boy❤️

Here is the sweetest video of Fr Kevin talking with a few of the kindergarteners at mass today. Seeing Jude stand up in front of the entire school and congregation and so confidently say his name and the word HOPE did something to my heart I just can’t explain. The timing of all of this seems like no coincidence to me. It feels so purposeful and bares more meaning to me then I can possibly translate.

Aside from feeling tired, Nick continues to feel great. We leave on Sunday for New York for scans and we are taking Georgia and Jude with us this time. It’s something we’ve been talking about for months and we feel it will be so special to show them our life when we are there and to include them in the process. We are looking so forward to the time together. And as we prepare to leave, I am praying extra hard to St Jude. To fill us with hope and healing. And provide us with the faith to keep walking forward, trustfully. If you’d like to join me in prayer, it would mean so incredibly much. I will be sure to keep you updated as we learn new information. Sending you lots of love! Xo

15 thoughts on “Honoring St Jude

  1. What a beautiful story – you made me cry and you made me smile. You are incredible at sharing your feelings. You are experiencing God-instances! TRUST that hundreds of prayers will follow you to New York and surround you with HOPE that you will hear great news. Hugs to all of you.

  2. Nick and Melissa, I pray daily for Nick and your family. Trust God to bring comfort, peace and Healing. #Godsgotthis

  3. Wow! Thank you for sharing this story. It gives me goosebumps knowing there is a clear plan for all of His children. It is evident and powerful.

  4. Oh my dear sweet amazing Missi ♥️.. you NEVER cease to amaze me in so many ways!
    Your words always touch hearts! I love you💖
    You are Nickyboy’s ROCK!!

  5. It was so special today. God bless you! I had tears in my eyes, during mass!

    Thank you for your beautiful words.

  6. What a privilege and joy to have been a preschool teacher for Jude and sharing Gods great love for his children! Continued prayers and HOPE for your family Melissa😍🙏

  7. How sweet & you’re right…how very strategic of God to place Jude in your life! It gives me goosies and does feel like it was all just part of his plan. Love you Miss! Thinking of you all and saying prayers nonstop..but an extra prayer to St Jude from now on 🙂 xoxx

  8. Wow- everything you said feels so right. Jude is a special guy indeed! Prayers for nick, your family and Nick’s care team.

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