Blood Work Update

Hello all-

We just spoke with Nicks IR about the results from the bloodwork Nick had done on Tuesday. Nicks AFP, or tumor marker, is back up from 520 to 645.

Not the news we were hoping to hear. His IR speculated quite a bit and also noted that he has a very hard time believing that these numbers are a true reflection of what’s going on internally for Nick. He spoke with several of his colleagues and feels very strongly that this number could be a reflection of inflammation and tumor dying and releasing AFP into the bloodstream. We are desperately hoping this is the case. He said often times patients don’t get bloodwork done until one month post treatment for this very reason…so we need to allow a few more weeks and reassess. He doesn’t want to mislead us in any way, but in his heart he truly believes this could be the case.

Other possible reasonings for this rise in AFP could be new disease or current disease going from a passive to a more aggressive state.

Nick will have scans and more bloodwork done on 11/4 and that will give us a true read on what’s going on and what next steps will be.

With this news brings a lot of emotions, but overall I think Nick continues to stay optimistic, and I do too. He physically feels excellent and looks great which alleviates some of the worry. Hope is still strong within us.

In the meantime, I will let you know if anything comes up. And as always..we appreciate your kind thoughts and prayers more than we can say…and would be so grateful if you keep them coming! Xo

8 thoughts on “Blood Work Update

  1. Thanks for the updates. Jefferson Hockey continues to pull for Nick and you all.
    Take care,
    Mike Terwilliger

  2. I’m Praying along side you 💛. I’m amazed at you and Nicks strength. I’m hoping our prayers keep lifting you up!

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