AFP Update

Just a quick check in for all of my fellow number junkies:) We got word today that Nicks bloodwork from last week is showing that his AFP has dropped down to 520! It’s down another 150! And while I’m no expert, this leads us all to believe that the Y90 beads are still working on those tumors. This is incredible news!

I know I’ve told you this before, but Nicks transplant surgeon told us a few months back that he feels if we could get Nicks AFP down to 500 he would have a case to present to the board for Nick with regard to getting listed for a transplant. Going into transplant, an AFP of 250 or less is ideal for many reasons, but his surgeon felt that if he was down around 500 and able to prove that Nick is responding to treatment he could at least have some ground to stand on in his conviction to get Nick listed.

As of now, none of our plan is changing. They will still treat Nick on the 30th and then likely do scans again around a month after. When we are out there for his treatment we will chat with his transplant surgeon and get a better feel for his thoughts on Nick getting listed, pending his AFP stays in check.

Big win today, in my opinion. Seeing his AFP continue to drop is such beautiful news! We will sit tight until the 30th and continue to make sure Nick is taking wonderful care of himself. Keep you posted if anything comes up:) So much love to you all xoxo

10 thoughts on “AFP Update

  1. Wonderful news! There is such power in prayer and a healthy mindset. And the medical treatment helps too 😉 Keep up the good work Oprish family!

  2. Hey Missy,

    I’m not sure any of my comments have actually posted on you blog. I feel I can never figure it quite out or if maybe I’ll be repeating myself.

    Just wanted to reach out and say just how much I’ve been praying over this whole situation for you and Nick and you family. I pray for progress, answers and continued hope and peace (along with many other thing!). I truly admire you and Nick. With knowing how much our thoughts actually have the power to guide our lives, you guys are harnessing the power of God in some mighty ways. I will continue to think of you guys and be in prayer and intercession for you. Sending love and hugs!

    Best, Kim Riley (Your hairstylist from like over 10 years ago)


    1. Kim, i can’t thank you enough for reaching out. Your prayers and encouragement mean so much to me. I think about you often and hope that you are well…you have always had the most beautiful heart and I am just so happy to hear from you! Sending you love..and thank you again ❤️😘

  3. Incredible news!!!! Hope everyone is adapting to the start of school at the Oprish home. :). More prayers for positive reports.

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