Short Update While We Wait

Just a quick update for those of you asking…

Nicks still feeling well. No pain which we are so grateful for…and his energy levels are still great, all things considered. He continues to get pretty tired, but overall he really is doing awesome. It’s been so nice to be home as a family…we are soaking up these last days before the kids head back to school!

He had bloodwork done on Monday and we received his hepatic lab results…everything’s looking pretty stable with regard to his liver function which is wonderful. We have been trying to wait so patiently for his AFP (tumor marker) results to come back..only to find out last night that the lab didn’t draw for his AFP. He had to go back in this morning for another we are hoping to have those results next week by Tuesday. Just more time to pray, I suppose:)

As of now Nick is scheduled for scans in NY on 9/9. The bloodwork results along with the scans are what will determine what next steps will be. Things really could go a million different ways, but right now we are so hopeful that his AFP has come down and that his scans are showing improvement.

I will be sure to update you as soon as we get his AFP results back. In the meantime, your prayers and positive thoughts are so very appreciated. We hope that you are all well…sending you many hugs! Xo

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