Chicken Club Sandwiches with Simple Garlic Aioli


Well, it was bound to happen.  I can’t believe this is the first time in 3+ years that something with regard to my camera has gone missing.  In an effort to wear my noble parent hat  I agreed to let my daughter play “photographer” and carry around the camera bag last night while I was making dinner.  I should’ve grabbed the bag from her the minute I saw it in her hand but with grandma and grandpa over, starving, wining toddlers and dinner still in 50 million pieces I decided to ignore it and allow her to play with it.  The camera was in my hand (attempting to shoot some photos of the most delish broccolini) so I figured if she just wanted to play with the bag it would be okay.  What I failed to remember was that the USB cord was in the bag, too.  And now I sit here, eager as all heck to tell you about that ridiculous broccolini with no way to show you the photos.   I’ve scoured the house.  Gone through toy boxes.  Under beds.  Dug through the garbage (Do you have any idea how disgusting this was?  A combination of poopy diapers and used chicken marinade makes for quite possibly the worst smell on the planet.  If you are looking for an appetite suppressant, I highly recommend it).  No luck.  My guess is that I will go buy a new one and the missing one will show up shortly after.

So, my friends, until then the broccolini will have to wait.  The very best things are worth the wait anyway, right?  For now, here is a link to a recipe for chicken club sandwiches with my favorite aioli that was published on Twin Cities Moms Blog today.  The aioli is an awesome way to spice up any sandwich or burger under the sun…pretty stellar with grilled meats and veggies, too.  Yum.

Hope you are enjoying the sunshine… Im so happy to be grilling again!


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