Banh Mi Bowls

It is with a giant amount of salivating that I present to you my most favorite recipe these days..the Banh Mi Bowl. I’m getting all giddy already, guys! Too good. Just too stinking good.

If you’ve been hanging out around here for any length of time you’ve probably figured out that I go batty for Asian food in any form…but the Banh Mi Sandwich trumps them all for this gal. Remember this one? 

If you’ve never experienced a Banh Mi Sandwich I highly suggest you run your cute tush to your favorite local Vietnamese deli or food truck. You’ll usually find the crusty, chewy bread filled with savory pork and piled high with pickled veggies…and topped with a spicy mayo that will blow your mind. Again, getting giddier by the minute over here!

So I’ve turned my favorite sandwich into a healthy bowl that is easy enough for a weeknight meal and yummy enough that you may want to make a double batch so you can eat leftovers throughout the week. My whole family loves these…my husband and I eat them as-is and my weirdo kids demand cheese sprinkled on top so I just go with it; if it floats their boat I’ll surrender.

These are so perfectly comforting for this chilly weather. A big old bowl of your favorite grain topped with such a flavorful, warm,  savory ground chicken, sweet, tangy, crisp veggies and a sriacha mayo that you just may want to go at with a spoon:) These are such a must-try!

Banh Mi Bowls


For the Pickled Veggies

2 Cups Shredded or Thinly Sliced Carrots

1 English Cucumber, halved lengthwise and sliced

3 Tablespoons Rice Vinegar

2 Tablespoons Honey

For the Sriracha Mayo

1/2 Cup Mayonaise

1 Tablespoon Sriracha Hot Chili Sauce-add more for more heat
For The Chicken Filling

1 Tablespoon Olive Oil

1 1/2 Pounds Ground Chicken

2 Garlic Cloves, minced

2 Tablespoons Tamari (you can use soy sauce if gluten is not an issue)

2 Tablespoons Sesame Seed Oil

2 Tablespoons Honey

1 Tablespoon Sriracha

3 Green Onions, thinly sliced

Salt + Black Pepper, to taste

For the Bowls

Prepared Brown or White Rice or Quinoa

Cilantro, for garnish


For the Pickled Veggies

Stir all ingredients together in a medium bowl and let stand at room temp while you do the other steps. Can be made ahead and refrigerated for up to 3 days.

For the Sriracha Mayo

Mix all ingredients together and set aside. Can be made ahead and stored in the refrigerator for up to 5 days.

For the Chicken Filling

Heat olive oil in a large pan over medium high heat. Brown chicken, stirring occasionally, until cooked through. Stir in the remaining ingredients and let simmer for 5 minutes over medium low heat, stirring occasionally and season with salt and pepper to taste.

For the Bowls

Pile rice or quinoa in a bowl. Top with a heaping mound of Chicken Filling, Pickled Veggies and Sriracha mayo and sprinkle with cilantro. Serves 4+

3 thoughts on “Banh Mi Bowls

  1. Another favorite with the family! So, so delish. (PS my entire menu this week is from your blog – so looking forward to it!)

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