A Wonderful, New Opportunity

Friends, new things are on the horizon, and I just couldn’t wait to share what’s happening with you any longer.  How long have we been together now?  Some of us for almost four years, no? Can you believe that?  Let me just say that your support has made so many opportunities possible for me and I feel beyond grateful for that.  And I’m so excited to share the latest of those opportunities, one that is already so near and dear to my heart.

As you likely know by now, I am all about the 80/20 rule.  80% of the time I strive to keep myself and my family living a healthful, nourishing life.  And that leaves 20% to just simply “do what feels good or right”.  Some of you may not agree with this mentality, but it is most definitely what works for me and helps me keep things manageable and achievable in everyday life.  You already know we eat this way; we fill our everyday diets with mostly good but indulging a little is totally acceptable. 

The same deems true for many other aspects of my life.  I strive to make better choices for home products such as everyday cleaners.  I exercise and move my body.  These are all things that make that 80% so easily achievable for me; simple swaps and additions that fit into everyday life so easily.  Am I always perfect with these things? Of course not..but every little bit counts….every little change in the right direction makes an impact.

And within the last year I have began making the shift to safer skin and beauty care for both my family and myself with Beautycounter.   As we’ve talked about so many times, our society is making huge strides to better educate and build consumer awareness about safe foods.  We’ve all heard so much about the damage that can be caused by putting foods with harsh chemicals and pesticides into our bodies.  But how about the products we use on our bodies?  Aren’t they also important and influential in the overall quality of our health?  There are articles out there showing the potential relationship between unsafe skin care laden with harsh chemicals and ingredients to so many hazardous health conditions such as infertility, inflammation and even cancer.  And I’m just not willing to take that risk for myself or my family.  Especially if I can find products that work even more effectively that happen to be so much safer.  That’s why I’ve chosen to switch to Beautycounter products and it feels so good to be able to trust them.

So, to make a long story short, after a friend began talking to me about switching to Beautycounter products I basically fell in love with them.  Not just the safety.  To be honest, the safety is what opened my ears to the Beautycounter organization…but the effectiveness, ease of use and my overall change in skin is was sealed the deal for me.  After using these products for some time I found myself talking to friends and family about them…gushing about the ones I loved and referring my friends and family to the company to check out the goods for themselves.

And then, I learned of how amazing this company is.  How they give back.  How they are all about education and influence and are bound and determined to change the way skin care is regulated so that you and I can trust what products we are using.  Because right now, you would be blown away by the lack of regulation and what your everyday beauty care lines are able to put into their products.  It’s scary.  And I decided I wanted to join this movement.  So that I can show my kids how to stand up for change.  So that I can help spread the word about safety and skin care.  And so that I can show people, everyday, how beneficial and truly, visibly nourishing these products are.  I pretty much want to shout it all from a mountaintop, guys, it’s pretty spectacular stuff 🙂

So I am now officially a consultant for Beautycounter and I am so grateful for this opportunity to spread the word. And don’t worry, we will still be gathering here to talk food and recipes…but I really just wanted to keep you informed on what other things are happening in life.


If you have even the slightest interest to switch to safer beauty and skin care products for you or your family I would be honored to answer any questions you may have or to send you samples of products that may fit your needs so you can give them a try.  Beautycounter offers so many options for all skin types…from anti aging products to tightening and brightening to simple daily care to everyday makeup I truly feel this company makes it so very easy for us to make the shift to mindful skin and beauty care with ease. I’d be so thrilled to have you join the movement with me and I have a good feeling you will love the products as much as I do.  

Below is a link to my personal page for Beautycounter so that you can browse through and take a peek at all of the goodies or even place orders if you have interest…you wont believe your eyes, such beautiful packaging and truly effective, noticeable results with ingredient profiles you can feel so good about.  I’ve also included my email below if you have any questions for me or would like to chat further. I want you to know that I am here to help if and when you are ready to make the change, even if it’s one tiny change at a time. Because every little bit counts when we are talking about you and your families health and wellness.

I’ll also be sharing some of my very favorites on my Instagram page so come follow along so we can connect.   I hope to hear from you guys…and I’ll be back soon with a new recipe I’m still drooling over!  xo



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3 thoughts on “A Wonderful, New Opportunity

  1. I just put in an order yesterday to try Beauty Counter products for the first time! I chose the nourish lotions because I am looking for something I can use daily. I can’t wait to start using them. –Deb

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