Happy Hearts

Oh you guys.  You guys.   We’ve got some major catching up to do.  I feel distant and I can’t stand it any longer.  So see, heres the deal…

My writing to you has been sparse, I know.  And I am so very sorry…but really, I can explain myself


A baby.  Oh.  My.  Goodness!

See that up there?  That’s a photo of (most) of my whole entire world.  That’s Jude and Georgia.  Oh my heavens I look at those faces and I just can’t believe I am blessed enough to be their mommy.  But then….a complete and utter firecracker gets let off in our home, you guys, because that little tiny onesie in the middle of (most) of my whole entire world is going to be filled this spring.  We’ve got a baby on the way…what a gift.  The BEST GIFT EVER, friends, and we are feeling so blessed!

And see, I am not a good secret keeper of my own secrets.  You ask me to keep something in confidence and I am telling you no amount of bribery can get that info out of me.  But if it’s my own secret?  I’m just the worst!  So this has been a challenging nearly 15 weeks for me trying to refrain from telling you.  Pair that with plenty of exhaustion, nausea, no motivation to cook and being able to only stomach the most unhealthy carbs on the planet and you’re not really setting a food blogger up for success. I mean, I think I could win awards for my cheeseburger and pizza consumption over the last 3 months but I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t have cared to hear about all of that.   But now, I’m happy to report I am feeling SO much better…and it feels so great to share our news with you!

So that’s what I’ve got for now.  We will just be gearing up over these next few months to outgrow our automobile, to no longer fit in a booth at a restaurant, to have a middle child,  to bunk up in bedrooms in our home, for Nick and I to be outnumbered, you know, all of that good stuff…and we can’t wait to share the ride with you.   Party of five, sign us up!

More recipes to come, guys, but I just wanted to fill you in on our lives first.  I hope you are well and that your weekend was filled with so much happiness!  xo


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