Baby Food: Savory Lentil and Veggie Purée 

Ok mamas, papas and caregivers…can we talk baby food super briefly?

Man am I learning that sometimes you just have to bite the bullet and go the store bought food route which I’m totally ok with..I love all of the healthful options they make these days and it’s so convenient. But here’s my beef…why do these companies feel the need to make everything taste sweet?! Even if those jars have spinach, green beans or peas in them they often times still wind up putting pears or apples in the bulk of the ingredients. I love that my baby is getting veggies “snuck in” to these varieties because of the nutrients. But I also want him to taste savory…and learn how delicious veggies can be in savory form. Continue reading

Best-Ever Effortless BBQ Baby Back Ribs


So these happened this weekend.

I suppose I won’t go into detail about how fall-off-the-bone tender these ribs are.  I won’t bore you with the details of the sticky sauce smothered on top.  And that perfect crispy char…I know you have no interest….so lets just talk for a second about how easy this recipe is to create and I’ll let you go about your day. Continue reading

…And Then There Were Four

I have a confession.  I had this fear throughout my entire pregnancy that I wouldn’t have enough space in my heart to love another child as much as Georgia.  I knew I would love him but was concerned that I wouldn’t have the same burn-your-heart, over-the-top, out of control kind of love that I have for her.  Let me tell you, the minute he blessed this world on 12.14.13 every concern I had was thrown out the window…and driven over with an infinite amount of semi trucks.  Wow.

So friends, let me introduce to you the newest peach I have been blessed enough to nourish.  Jude Robert.  7 Pounds 10 Ounces of pure, innocent, unbelievable perfection.  Our family could not feel an ounce more love for him…he fits like a glove 🙂




Please forgive me while I take a little time away.  We have lots of loving to do around here.  xo