Checking In

I’ve been waiting for the right words to come to me so I could properly depict all of the feelings going on inside of my heart. But they aren’t coming. It’s been 73 days since Nicks been back home and I still feel speechless over what has transpired over these past 14 months. And while these words dont come close to translating how it truly feels, all I can say is that I am simply overwhelmed at where we are today.

I am eternally and forever grateful for this care team at NYP that took a chance and committed to Nick. The safety and confidence they gave us to push through this all is indescribable. They are our angels on earth and have made such an everlasting impression on our hearts.

I am still in awe of all of the love and support we have received from each of you. It will never be lost on us. Every piece of mental, physical and emotional support you’ve shown us has been such a gift.

And our family that came in and swooped up our home and children like they were their own while we had to be away. It brings me to tears that don’t stop. You filled our most treasured role so amazingly.

And then, our kids. I am blown away by our beautiful children. Their strength, resilience and patience. Their flexibility and understanding. It’s never out of my mind.

And while I’m not shocked by it, I am utterly and incredibly proud of the fierce heart, physical strength and mental will of Nick. How he’s shown us all what true fight and drive is. How he’s helped us all see perspective and made our lenses change. How he’s impacted so many lives for the better. He is my absolute and forever hero.

Here is a beautiful article that was written so graciously in honor of Nicks story. In such an uncertain, messy, often discouraging world we are living in right now, what a bright, uplifting hope-filled little slice of the internet this piece is taking up. If this story spreads even the tiniest amount of will, fight and HOPE to at least one person out there, that is enough.

Nicks recovery continues to go very well. He has bloodwork weekly and things have been looking really good overall. While he does get tired and still has to push through some medication side effects, he is generally feeling great and back to most normal activity. Our family has been soaking up this summer together like we’ve never soaked before. Nick has his six month post-transplant scans in late August and we are so prayerful and hopeful that things look as well then as he feels today. Xo

13 thoughts on “Checking In

  1. Wow! And can we say… he’s one of the best baseball coaches! So grateful to have met you and your beautiful family! Your strength, patience and kindness shows in truly everything you do.

    You are an amazing family- and may God bless all the amazing adventures yet to come.

    1. What a beautiful note that I am just now seeing, Jen! Thank you so very much for your sweet words..we are grateful to know you and your wonderful family as well..what a blessing! Xo

  2. God bless you all! Continued prayers for strength and healing, Nick! 🙏 Remain steadfast in your faith! The Lord will guide you, and keep you safe! Peace and love to you, Missi and your beautiful family! ❤️Mo and John

  3. Been following Nicks story since the start . Very Happy for Nick and the whole family,It was a long journey with all the ups and downs .

  4. Thank you for sharing. Great to hear things continue to go well. Your story and strength, Nick’s will and fight and inspirational words, and the never-ending commitment of love and family will stay with us.

  5. I have not seeing any comments for a while so this is a good time to remind you that there are a ton of us out here continually praying for Nick and his whole family. Rest assured that we are all sending each of you a big Hug and a Special Prayer wrapped in Love EVERY DAY regardless of logging in here to make a comment.
    I have and do pray that everything is still going well and all signs are positive.
    May God continually show his Support and comforting Love !

    1. Thank you for this absolutely beautiful note…it means the world. While there have been ups and downs we are taking things day by day and grateful for all we have been blessed with. Your continued prayers are so incredibly appreciated and i hope you know how very much your thoughtful note means to us! Xo

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