3.10 Update

Hello all….just checking in. Not going to bombard you with every detail that’s gone on over the last few days because, truthfully, so many things have come and gone. Will just give you the quick lowdown on where Nick is now..

His labs are looking pretty good overall and are staying stable/improving slightly over time which is good. His liver and kidneys are both functioning well and his hemoglobin is great which is so amazing considering how serious the bleed he had was. A few labs are showing that Nicks body is rejecting his new liver a bit which is common, but they have been tinkering with his meds and they seem to be getting him on track to where he needs to be.

He has a small lymphatic leak likely caused from the surgery so keeping him on a temporary low-fat diet should help heal that…we are already seeing improvement via the fluid he is draining, which is a great sign.

Nick will go down at some point today for a CAT scan to rule out any aneurysms above his chest as this area has not been scanned recently. This is not urgent and nothing is prompting them to do this, they just want to be overly cautious. So prayers that the scans come back favorable.

Nicks surgeon received the pathology of his old liver and my gosh what a wealth of knowledge it was. Nick had 13 tumors on his liver…unbelievable. And most of them were dead thanks to the incredible hands of his interventional radiologist which is VERY good news; it’s truly just remarkable. They believe the cause of Nicks original “kryptogenic” diagnosis 20+ years ago was actually autoimmune hepatitis. This really makes so much sense as we put so many pieces of the past together but we’ve decided it does no good to look back in frustration that this wasn’t seen by his doctors all those years ago. We are just beyond grateful to have this knowledge moving forward for Nicks future health.

Nick is feeling so much better these last two days. He’s in great spirits, is walking around, eating well and has even gotten outside a few times for fresh air. He’s having a little pain but they’ve ruled out that it’s related to anything serious….they are thinking it could be his drain..the poor guy has had it in for nearly 2 1/2 weeks but we are hoping he can get it out tomorrow or Thursday. His surgeon said today that Nick is probably in good enough shape to be released but they want to keep him here a few more days to stabilize his anti rejection meds and make sure the fluid he’s draining continues to lessen/show a downward trend with regard to his lymphatic leak before removing the drain. Nicks really anxious to get out of here but he’s completely good with doing what his team thinks is best.

We have so incredibly much to be thankful for right now and we are trying to keep that top of mind through the bobs and weaves. It’s been an overall good couple of days and we are praying that this trend continues. Nicks looks great and is feeling stronger each day and it’s just so beautiful to see.

Thank you so much for your continued prayers and support..we read every single message and feel every single prayer in our hope-filled hearts. Lots of love to you all! Xoxo

10 thoughts on “3.10 Update

  1. We will continue to pray for Nick, your family and his team of caregivers.
    Much love and support from his friends in Seattle.

  2. Blessings sweet friend! Prayers for an early release! Missy, I pray you are taking care of yourself too.

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