We are going home to our teeny little NYC apartment today and we couldn’t be more excited! Nicks scans came back stable and his bloodwork has improved over the last two days too. His drains are all removed and all he has left is two IVs in his arm which they will remove before we leave.

Its an incredibly emotional day around here. While we can not wait to finally take the next step in Nicks healing, we have developed relationships here at the hospital over these last three weeks that have impacted us in a way I can’t describe. These are the people that have shared in some of the worst days of our lives yet the hope and drive they had for Nick through it all was palpable. The people who fought along side him to get to the bottom of every single obstacle. The ones that rushed, calmed, listened and advocated. And the ones that checked in with us about our kids and showed true empathy and understanding of not just what Nick was going thru physically, but how our family was doing emotionally. Its been such a trying time and we’ve been away from home and security, yet I’m not sure we’ve ever felt so supported. It’s truly amazing how total strangers can so quickly become your family. I’ll never be able to translate to you just all that’s happened along side these people, but our hearts are forever changed.

We are currently just awaiting discharge instructions and another consultation with the pharmacist. We’ve certainly got so much to sort out and learn about what life is going to look like in these days and months ahead. Things are going to be very different, but my gosh we’ve made it this far and there’s no stopping now. Our apartment is very close to the hospital and we will be back Monday for his first checkup so that all brings comfort. Im so anxious for Nick to shower and just take it easy in our own space..and it shouldn’t surprise you to know that I simply can’t wait to feed him:)

I hope and pray that all of your health is well; this viral stuff is really something. We are trying not to worry about the huge risk with that, while also continuing to take all measures to stay healthy, especially for Nick. I really couldn’t think of a worse time to be away from our home and the kids…but we are trusting the process per usual. I am planning to see the kids next week and let me tell you, I physically don’t know if I can wait! Thinking about their strength and patience is so overwhelming and I just can not wait to give them every ounce of me.

Again, your kindness, notes and prayers are carrying us right along…we are so grateful to have you with us as we continue on🧡 Love to you xo

22 thoughts on “Discharge!

  1. Congratulations you two and to your family. It must feel great to have climbed this mountain and be at this point in life. Realizing there is still more to fight through but what an accomplishment and sign of sheer determination.

  2. Congratulations!! I’m happy to hear you guys are getting to go “home!” What strong kiddos you must have. Continued prayers for you all!

  3. Praise the Lord! Such an incredible day today! Our prayers will remain constant, as you continue to heal and gain strength! 🙏 Love to you Nick, Missi, and your entire family!❤️

  4. This is such great news for Nick and the family. I am sending a big hug , prayers and love for a swift and speedy recovery.

  5. Very exciting news! Continue healing for Nick and keep safe from this horrible virus that’s attacking everywhere. Continued prayers surround all of you. Hugs to your little ones when you see them! Thanks to Nick’s mom, your mom and sister and to all who are helping your family during this journey.

  6. David and I are overwhelmed with joy for all of you!!!! Tonight we will be praying for this incredible accomplishment and more prayers for continued healing and focusing on your journey home! Xoxoxo.

  7. Prayers of thanksgiving and for continued healing and strength! So great to be out of the hospital!!!

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