Post Transplant-Day 2

What a whirlwind these last few days have been. Nicks surgery went well. It was intense…back there for 12 hours…and they finally finished up in the early hours of Sunday. A lot of sorting of his anatomy but they did it; incredible.

Nick was progressing incredibly well on his official day 1 post surgery, yesterday. He was off of his breathing tubes quickly, very alert and even got up to walk. Unreal. He was exhausted but his pain was managed well. He even graduated out of the SICU and moved down to the transplant floor where they will care for him for the remainder of our stay.

Early this morning came some major complications. Nick had severe internal bleeding that gave everyone quite the scare. They rushed him back up to SICU and immediately intubated and scoped him to find where the bleeding was coming from and they uncovered a small tear in the lining of his stomach, likely caused from the cardiac scope they had in him during his surgery. They quickly “stapled” this area back to good through the scope and were able to stop the bleeding before it was too late. The fact that these teams were able to take care of this in the manner and timing that they did is not lost on us. Based on what we’ve been told by the staff here, this situation could have had a very different ending, and I can not tell you how grateful we are right now.

Nick was intubated most of the day today because of the trauma his body went through this morning…he lost an incredible amount of blood. His breathing tube is now out and he’s resting comfortably. His vitals and labs are back in check and he’s feeling ok overall….he’s just completely wiped. He needs sleep and as most of us know that is so hard to do in the hospital..especially in the SICU when they are coming in constantly. But he’s snoring away right now and hopefully tomorrow he will be able to go back down to the transplant floor if he does ok overnight.

And let me just tell you. We all knew Nick was strong. We’ve seen it, well, basically his whole life, but even more elevated over these last ten months. But if you think that’s as strong as he gets, you are so very wrong. The amount this man has been through over these last 4 days is nothing I could have even imagined. But he keeps going. He just rolls with it. He’s as headstrong as ever and I couldn’t be more proud of him. He is kicking absolute ass🧡

While today was taxing, we are thankful he is bouncing back from this quickly and that there have been no other complications thus far . His new liver is doing so well..I just can’t even believe I get to say that. Hoping and praying that this very large, frightening event today is just a bump in the road.

I’m not even going to let myself go down the road of his medical teams. But these people here…every single one. It is an absolute honor and privilege to be in their care. Im going to save the rest for it’s own post someday when this is all behind us..because they deserve 10 billion words of their very own.

Please keep your prayers for Nick and his care teams coming. And if you would be so kind to pray for Nicks donor as well. For her beautiful, selfless soul and for her family who lost her. She is the reason we are in this place of hope right now and it’s such an emotional thing to process.

Your prayers, concern, well wishes, meals, love for our kids and everything in between are carrying us through this, truly. Thank you isn’t enough. We feel you marching with us, sweet friends and family, and we are sending you love xo

27 thoughts on “Post Transplant-Day 2

  1. Thank you so much for the update! Our prayers continue for each and every one of you. Prayers for peace, healing, and strength for Nick and Missy. We continue prayers for the medical team and the donors family. May the Lord wrap each of you in his loving arms!

  2. wow you guys have been through a lot.. thanks for the update.. we are praying for quick healing and safe travels home .. and no more bumps in the road..

  3. Thank you so much for the update Missi! Our prayers continue, ALWAYS, as Nick begins to heal and gain strength! So grateful for the exceptional medical team surrounding you all, and keeping Nick safe❣️Continue to stay strong, and know that you are loved🙏❤️ maureen and john

  4. Inspired and impressed by the strength you both have! We continue to pray for you guys and Nicks team. Sending our love from MN

  5. Missi & Nick – continuing to send ALL the prayers and love your way! ♥️ You two make an incredible team…it’s beyond inspiring. May God’s healing blessings continue in the days and weeks to come. xo, Molly & Kirk

  6. We are so incredibly thankful Nick is doing so well and they were able to fix the complication quickly! Prayers to you all and his donors family… I’m sure by reading your posts anyone who is not signed up as a donor will change that immediately. It is SO important and seeing the incredible blessing it is firsthand only strengthens its importance. Much love to you all! ❤️

  7. I’ve been praying…I think back to when this all started and to where you are now and I AM IN AWE. I am so thankful you all are where you are at now. While there is the road to recovery, it seems like the HARDEST part is in the past and now the march forward will bring new light. Sending you all so much love!

  8. A multitude of prayers have been sent and answered. Many more prayers are being sent now for Nick’s recovery, for strength and patience as the healing begins, for the donor and the donor’s family and for the commitment, unbelievable skill and dedication of Nick’s medical team. Missy, thank you for your ability to share Nick’s journey with us and to keep us updated each step of the way. Stay strong and know that all of us are keeping you and Nick in our thoughts and prayers throughout each day.

  9. Your post brings tears to my eyes! Praise God for a good outcome! This will be a very special Easter for you coming up. You are amazingly strong as well, you know!

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