2.29 Update

Just here with a quick status update on Nick..i hope this note finds you all well.

Nick made it back down to the transplant unit a few days ago and was doing fine…but we had to head back up to the SICU last night…i suppose third time is a charm.

To make a long story short, there is now a vascular surgeon involved….Nick has a dissected aorta. They are concerned because this could turn into an aneurysm. They want to monitor him very closely over these next few days just to make sure things are stable and looking ok…and they are keeping his BP low because this should decrease the risk. They will rescan him on Monday to re-evaluate.

From what we know now, this is a completely separate issue from his surgery/liver and is likely due to genetics but hopefully there will be more to come on all of that. This is probably going to have to be managed for the rest of his life through a vascular team, as his aneurysm history is concerning for a 40 year old.

My gosh, poor Nick. We finally got back down to the transplant floor and he worked so hard to get to a place where they could remove so many wires and lines…but now he’s back up in the SICU and they’ve had to poke and prod him all over again. He’s tired and the dissection has caused pain, but they are managing that. Most of his pain and discomfort is now coming from the drainage tubes he has in. He has been through so much.

If I told you this didn’t feel discouraging I’d be lying. There’s so many emotions going on but as we talked about it all last night I told Nick he was going to be just fine and he replied “we are warriors” and followed that up with his famous line “we have to walk through the shit to get to the strawberry patch”. Indeed, my dear, we will keep walking…I have hope in my heart that this turns out to be just a small setback.

We likely won’t have any big updates anytime soon, just a lot of monitoring, but i will keep you informed. Thank you for all of the strength you continue to provide for us…and please keep up the prayers 🧡

19 thoughts on “2.29 Update

  1. Wish so much we could make a wish to make Nick better TODAY! You are both in our hearts and prayers. PS – I’m wearing my OPYSTRONG bracelets – you can get through this and will be home soon- keep fighting Nick!

    1. Missy, my prayers to you,Nick and the children. I hope and believe everything will turn out just fine. You guys are in my thoughts.

  2. Our hearts are with you! Wow. What a champ Nick is.❤️ Stay strong and trust! I say “Party in the Strawberry Patch” when he’s ready! We are praying hard for all of you all.🙏🏻

  3. Missy, you Nick and the the children are in my thoughts and prayers. You all have the strength to get thru these trying times. My very best.

  4. Thinking of you and that each new day is that much closer to healing full strength! Take the small victories and keep up the fight! You have the power of so many supporting the Oprish family.

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