What’s Ahead

Hello! I am going to make this as short and sweet as possible…we’ve been running on no sleep and man that in combination with a rollercoaster of emotions doesn’t make for the best brain function…so I’ll try and spare you:)

Nick has officially been approved by the board to be listed for a liver transplant! He’s checked all of the remaining boxes he needed for approval…his bone and ct scans have both come back showing that the cancer has stayed localized to the liver (and my gracious was that news overwhelmingly beautiful to hear)…and they have successfully treated his tumors to a place where he is considered safe for transplant..his last afp draw was at 336. How absolutely positively incredible. There are a few administrative kinks that need to be worked out and then he will officially be on the list..hopefully in a week or two.

I know what you’re thinking. What’s the timeline here? When will we know when his transplant is? How long will it take for Nick to get a liver? And man wouldn’t I love to be able to answer those questions for you. Really, we are approaching this next step just the same as the last nine months..one day at a time. It could take a few weeks…it could take months. Here’s the tentative plan that could absolutely change at any given point:

Nick will have another very mild treatment on February 14th to keep his afp maintained and the tumors at bay in the event that it takes a while for them to find a liver-and he should be officially listed at that point. But right after that treatment is when it will really get serious. Once Nick is officially listed they will begin working up the candidates that have come forward to be a living donor-this couid take some time. And right after his treatment his surgeon will begin intensely looking for a deceased donor for Nick. His surgeons first choice is still a living donor transplant, if we can find the right donor..but if a healthy deceased liver miraculously falls into our lap, we jump on it. Game time decisions. Our prayers right now are asking that the right opportunity presents itself at the right time.

All that grit, Nickyboy. This is what he has been so silently strong for these last nine months. This is what we have been praying for. The hope in our hearts for hearing this news is what’s kept us moving forward. It’s really going to happen, you guys. And while the most difficult piece of all of this may likely be yet to come on so very many levels, we are confident and ready to just push through. I am just so incredibly proud of Nick🧡

That’s really all I’ve got for now. I’ll be sure to check in with new info. Please keep your beautiful prayers coming and know that we send so much love to you xo

12 thoughts on “What’s Ahead

  1. Praise the Lord❣️That is fabulous news! Our thoughts and prayers will continue as the search for an acceptable liver intensifies! 🙏Continue to stay strong and know that God is with you all, every step of the way! You are loved🥰❤️

  2. Isn’t God just amazing?!?!🙏🏼 Will now keep praying for the right liver to come through and the next steps after that! You got this Nick! Keep up the faith! God Bless, ❤️ The Shaban’s

  3. I am loving every bit of this and hopeful and excited to see God move through these next steps, just has he has in the past. Good things are to come! Praying for you closely to my heart.

  4. What amazingly wonderful news! The power of prayer from hundreds, the medical knowledge of a committed medical team and your positive attitude and deep trust and faith in God are all making this possible. Prayers continue to surround you and your family.

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