Officially Listed

Hello all…Hope this note finds you well and coming off of a wonderful Valentine’s Day. Thought I’d share what we know as of now with regard to Nick..

Nick is officially on the transplant list! Can you even believe this?! We’ve been waiting for what feels like an eternity to get to this place…he did it. He has come so incredibly far.

Nick had his treatment procedure yesterday and all went well and as expected. His radiologist was successfully able to cover the remains of that “hot” tumor he treated in the last round and was also able to hit one more small one that hasn’t been a big concern/high on the radar, just for precaution. Now, we just wait and pray for a liver to present itself to us. If we haven’t gotten the call in a month or so we may need to go back in and rescan things/discuss another treatment to keep things at bay but as of right now his radiologist doesn’t see anything else he needs to or could treat at this point. Unbelievably positive news.

So really, any day now. Any minute. Any second, our lives could completely change and we could get the call. Two of our dear friends reminded us this morning that today is National Donors Day. You know, I’ve always checked the box to be a donor myself…I’ve always seen the possibility in it and the need for it. But sitting here on the other side of it all, in need of a liver for Nick, makes me truly feel, with every bone in my body, the importance of organ donation and the selflessness of those angels that choose to give so another can live. So today, we honor all of those donors, living or deceased. Whether you have provided a living donation of blood or an organ, whether you’ve humbly witnessed donation through the death of someone close to you, or whether you’ve simply checked the box “yes” to be a deceased donor, you are choosing to give life. You are a gift.

Nick is feeling pretty good today. He’s tired and sore and just kind of run down, as to be expected, but he is in great spirits. He’s physically and mentally so ready to push through all of this. And he’s emotional with gratitude for his radiologist and friend who has gotten him to this place of being able to be listed….and I am too, it’s truly just indescribable. I know we’ve got a lot ahead of us, but we have so much hope right now and there is no doubt we can finish this off.

We have to be in NY for the next week and I’m already missing our patient, brave kiddos like a crazy person. There’s just no way I’d be able to do this without my sister, parents and Nicks mom and husband loving up on the kids…plus our beautiful friends that are swooping them up for hugs and play dates. I’ll never be able to thank each of them enough.

So now, we wait. And we pray; That the right opportunity presents itself to us, whether it be a living or deceased donor. That Nick stays healthy and strong, both mentally and physically. That God continues to bless us with his work through Nicks doctors and medical teams. That our kids feel our deep love for them from afar in these potential weeks and months ahead. And that we remain driven and ready in every way possible for that call-Any day now. Any minute. Or second🧡

I promise to keep you posted. Thank you all for your continued love and prayers…you are one unbelievable army and we feel your strength behind us. So very much love to you Xo

19 thoughts on “Officially Listed

  1. Thank you for the update Missi; you are such a fabulous writer -such a gift. As I was reading this, I was mixing up Nick’s Fabulous Rub which I use all the time and tonight on pork chops. Continue prayers to you and your family! 🙏😘

  2. As always, prayers are coming your way. I tell people around me to lift your family up in prayer. You are such strong people. God has a plan for all of you! Hugs!😘

  3. Oh my gosh. What wonderful news. God has a Plan. What a warrior Nick is. You both are Prayers that the new liver arrives shortly. Good luck. Prayers for you and your medical team

  4. We’ve been praying for Nick ever since you posted the news of his health problems and what you all are going through. Prayers will continue until Nick has his new liver, and is well on his way to recovery. May it be sooner rather than later. Thank you for continuing to update all of us. That can’t be an easy job for you to do with what’s on your plate. Blessings and God’s strength to your entire family.

  5. This is a wonderful update! PRAISE God! God is faithful! I am continuing to pray for all of you during this waiting period. Love and prayers!

  6. This is incredible news!!!! We feel so much hope and promise for Nick’s care team to find a perfect match. Praying for Nick, his care team and your entire family. Xoxo

  7. Thank you for the fabulous update, Missi! Our prayers have been answered 🙏 God bless Nick, you, and your entire family, as the search intensifies for the appropriate liver❣️God is good, and will continue to keep you safe! Stay strong, and know that you are loved ❤️ Mo and John

  8. BEST news EVER!!!! Prayers, prayers & more prayers for Nick, your family & Nick’s care team! Hope is alive! 🙏🏻♥️

  9. Such great news! Prayers continue for patience, strength and endurance. You GOT this!!

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