Quick Update

Haven’t written in a while, so thought I’d drop a few lines to touch base. I hope this update finds you well!

Not much new around here, which is always good news. We’ve had a wonderful few weeks at home living pretty normally and it’s been the biggest breath of fresh air. Nick has been feeling really well. He still gets a little tired, but overall he looks and feels great and isn’t experiencing any pain. We had a pretty intense family game of kickball tonight and Nick didn’t need a nap after…always a good sign;) Soaking up every ounce of him feeling well and having the five of us together…makes my spirits soar.

Nicks bloodwork is looking good. His hepatic/liver bloodwork is back to where it was pre-treatment which is a sign we are incredibly grateful for…this tells us that the Y90 wasn’t as rough on his liver as it could have been. His tumor marker number is down a bit as well..praying that number continues to trend downward.

We head back to Cornell early Monday morning for Nicks second treatment which will be that afternoon. Wednesday Nick will also have a procedure done with his heart to rule out any cardiac complications. He will have a right heart catheterization…they will likely go in through his groin for this as well. Asking for any extra prayers and positivity you may have…we are so hopeful that Nick checks out ok. And Thursday we will meet with the transplant surgeon just to check in.

It will likely be a tough week on Nicks body, but you guys, I feel more confident than ever that he can do this. Every single day I am blown away by his physical strength…it truly blows my mind. He continues to eat well and his appetite is still greater than that of a large army…all very hopeful signs:) He is mentally prepared for what’s ahead, and while moments of worry obviously occur, he is incredibly positive and overall still the same old mellow, bright-smiled Nickyboy we all know and love. I’ll say it till I’m blue in the face, but my gosh I am proud to call that man my husband.

Thank you all for your continued prayers and acts of kindness. We still continue to be amazed by your love and care…and we will be holding you close with us this upcoming week. I will be sure to update you as new info develops. Sending you love❤️

5 thoughts on “Quick Update

  1. Prayers that this upcoming week will go by fast and that the procedures will be a breeze for Nick. Sending you all love. 💛

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