Counting Our Blessings

I hope this post finds you all well. It’s so hard to believe we are halfway done with summer..where is the time going? I hope these last few months have been wonderful for you!

Nick is feeling pretty good one week post treatment. He continues to be tired and sore, but each day gets better which is an absolutely wonderful sign. As of now, they plan to do his second treatment on Monday, August 5, pending it’s smooth sailing until then. He looks great and his spirits couldn’t be better, which is the real reason I am writing…

Monday. Monday our amazing family at Olympic Hills Golf Club pulled together the most incredible day of our lives.

We spent the entire day witnessing Gods love right before our eyes. We looked around the room(s) in awe, over and over and over. How do we even know this many people? How is possible that each one of these people were able to take time out of their busy lives to get here? How could the people who organized this pull this together so beautifully? But more than anything, how is it possible for us to feel this sort of love and joy in such a trying time?

We have been and continue to be surrounded by more light and love than I can possibly tell you. And Monday was a true testament of that. Some of you traveled many many miles to be with us, some of you our neighbors. Some of you we haven’t seen in years, some we are blessed enough to see daily or weekly. Ex-colleagues, childhood friends, college friends, hockey friends, best friends, church and school friends, mom friends, golf friends, friends of friends, our beautiful family and everyone in between, all together in one place, showing their hearts in the most incredibly selfless way by standing there along side us. We golfed together, we ate and drank together, we danced together, gave thanks and prayed together. And we will never, ever, forget how that felt. Indescribable.

Which takes me back to Nicks spirits. At one point on Monday evening I pulled him aside and said “just look around this room. You are being healed right before our eyes”, and I believe that with my whole heart. While no amount of love is going to directly shrink those tumors, the love in that room shrunk the stress, the sadness and sorrow. It cleaned him of worry and filled him with hope. And it wrapped him in strength he didn’t even know he had room for. Real, raw, organic healing; how absolutely beautiful. Since Monday, I can physically see it in Nick and I can feel it in my own heart.

The golfers had to come in a few holes early because of the most insane storm. Everybody squished inside, waiting it out. The fierce wind, the lightning, the absolute downpour. And in that time we gathered together for a bite to eat, to pray and hear a few beautiful words from Nick. And then it happened like clockwork. Just as we wrapped up inside, the storm settled. The rain, the wind and lightning stopped; It was calm. We all made our way out to the deck as the sun began to shine, only to find the most beautiful sign from God I have ever in my life witnessed: The most picture perfect double rainbow shining directly down over our army, like He hung it there just for us. To remind us that through all of the storm, all of the wind and sad and lightning and fear, is the most magical, pure, whole light imaginable, as long as we wait it out together. It’s impossible to translate what that moment meant while being surrounded by our dearest people, but it will be forever embedded in our hearts.

We laid in bed last night and Nick grabbed my hand. I gave him the usual “how you feeling babe?” and here’s what he gave me in return

“I’m feeling good, I’m feeling love. I have a renewed sense of hope. I feel strong and ready”

And I want you to know that is because of each one of you that showed up on Monday. From the absolute bottom of my heart, thank you. Thank you for healing and loving and never leaving our sides. Thank you for waiting out the storm with us. Nick could not fight this hard without you, and I’d never find the strength alone. We love each one of you so very much ❤️

here are a few photos taken so generously and graciously by Jamie Stoia. I can not say enough good about this woman’s talent and can find her by clicking here

14 thoughts on “Counting Our Blessings

  1. So sorry we were not able to attend this beautiful day!!! You have such a way with words Miss—feel like I was there.

    Continuing to send you guys positive vibes and endless amounts of strength, hope and love!

    All our love from Colorado!

  2. That is absolutely beautiful. The evening you described, the feelings you’re all filled with and those pictures with that rainbow! I really can’t believe how perfect that rainbow was. Praying you through the storm, that you never feel alone, that you are always filled with hope and that God’s promises will carry you through to that rainbow at the end.

  3. What a beautiful story! I’m so happy we could share Monday with so many encouraging and loving people. Our prayers and love are with you all.

  4. Wow! What an incredible testament to everyone that loves Nick, you and your dear family! We are praying for his treatments to go well and know all of the love surrounding him will heal his body!

  5. So much love for your beautiful family ♥️ It was an honor to witness on Monday. Such powerful symbolism of weathering the storm and the beauty and hope that follow…all in the name of love! Beautiful photos to remind us of just that. Sending our continued prayers for strength and healing…❌⭕️🌈

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