This week

Hey guys…just a quick note to fill you in on what’s going on this week.

Nicks care team talked and, as speculated, they want Nick to have a pet scan before a concrete next step is put into place. They are hoping the scan can give us some clarification as to what’s going on. He will be having the pet scan done at the University of Minnesota tomorrow morning. We hope to get results and some answers within a few days. We are asking for all the prayers..for clarity, positive results and hopeful next steps to be put into place.

Nick also has an endoscopy at the U on this coming Thursday morning. This is a routine procedure he has to do to just make sure everything is looking ok from a GI standpoint.

All in all Nicks feeling pretty good. He feels great most of the time and then sometimes hits a wall of exhaustion. He’s been great at listening to his body and has been in really good spirits over the last few days.

Sending you all the warmth as we all prepare for this beautiful holiday ahead…such a special time of year with loved ones. I’ll be in touch! Xo

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