Tumor Board Results

We spoke with the doctor today with regard to both Nicks scan results and the tumor board meeting that was held on Wednesday to discuss Nicks case.

So incredibly thankful to report that as of now the cancer has not spread…there is no trace of it in the rest of his body or blood vessels, which is such positive news.

On a more challenging note, Nick did not get approved to be listed for a transplant at this time. All in all, his tumors are too large. He has five tumors, 3 of them being very large and they need to be shrunk before he can be listed as he is way out of any criteria out there for a transplant. Many of you have had a difficult time understanding why the size matters and why that wouldn’t be more reason to just get him into transplant more quickly; I completely understand as we felt the same way until we understood the data. In a nutshell, there is a protein tumor marker called AFP…and research significantly shows that if the AFP is elevated too high in patients with HCC that go into transplant, they are at an extremely high risk of the cancer coming back very aggressively post transplant. Nicks AFP is just too high right now because of the tumor sizes. This DOES NOT mean nick won’t get a transplant down the road. It means that we have to shrink those tumors so that his AFP comes down before he can be listed. That may mean a few treatments, it may mean several, we just won’t know until we see how he responds.

Not much of our short term plan has changed. We will still go for mapping next week and still have treatment on the 9th and go from there. We hope and we pray that Nick responds beautifully to this treatment. We know he is in the hands of an incredible, aggressive, accredited interventional radiologist who has such heart for Nicks situation, and we are fully trusting him to lead Nick through this treatment to the best of his ability. That, paired with prayers, is what we have right now…and that’s an awful lot❤️

I’d be lying if I didn’t tell you it’s been a total struggle to lose the literal ability to look too far into the future, because it has been. It would be so wonderful to be able to have Nick on the transplant list and know that process has started. But right now that can’t be and we are dedicated to living treatment to treatment, as contently as we are able, while we wait for the next steps. In a way, losing that ability makes a person savor every ounce of those moments being lived in the present, and isn’t that truly how living should be? Unfortunately sometimes it takes very big things to help us see that, but we’ve seen it, and it’s a gift. Nick hasn’t lost hope and is so committed to fighting this…he continues to amaze me every day. He’s going in so strong…and we are still feeling good about moving forward with a plan and will always try our best to keep the glass half full.

Thank you for your continued concern, prayers, meals, childcare, gift cards, flowers, incredible acts of kindness..all of it. Please keep your powerful prayers coming❤️ we hope you have a great weekend! Xo

8 thoughts on “Tumor Board Results

  1. Thank you for keeping us updated, Missi. Our love and prayers continue to surround you every day. ♥️ Big hugs to you and your sweet, beautiful family!

    xoxo ~ Molly

  2. Thank you for this update – our prayers will continue. While Nick is strong, you are amazing. Your ability to convey the facts and share your thoughts is incredible. Your positive attitude comes through loud and clear and I am impressed by your strength and your attitude. Together you and Nick make an awesome team.

  3. You’re family has been on our hearts and minds. I’m sure it isn’t easy to sit down to write about such an emotional time. Thank you for sharing this journey with us. It’s helpful so we can be more intentional with our prayers and support. Nick and yourself are incredible people…so strong to have to endure this. Sending you a tight squeeze and LOVE.

  4. Nick – We are all praying for you Nick and for your family. We pray that those nasty tumors shrink and that eventually you will be on that transplant list! We love you, Nick! We are so thankful for this web site to follow you on this journey. We care about you so much! Love and more love being sent from all the Kranz’s.

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