Referral to Cornell

Not much time over here but wanted to let you know that we are heading to NYC tomorrow for a Thursday full of several appointments and evaluations for Nick with regard to a living donor opportunity at Cornell University. The surgeon in Toronto was so incredibly kind to get us in touch with a colleague/transplant surgeon at Cornell and we are so anxious to meet with him as all of the literature and research that we’ve read of his leaves us confident in his opinions and experience. We are praying he may have loop holes around the guidelines for a US based transplant that were discussed with us at Mayo..but more than anything, we are just hoping to get clarity and confidence on how best to move forward.

We will absolutely keep you posted…sending you hugs xo

10 thoughts on “Referral to Cornell

  1. Sending good vibes your way, hope it gets you some certainty on a path.
    And as if folks aren’t telling you, make sure your taking care of yourself and going “golfing” too.

  2. Following your journey from here on the Isle of Wight, England. My thoughts and prayers are with you both through this difficult time. Stay strong and positive.

  3. Happy to hear your checking the right boxes. You are in the best of care. Praying for you guys! XO

  4. So happy you are booked for this special appointment. We are thinking about Nick and your family every day and praying for Nick to be healed.

    1. Our thoughts and prayers continue, always, as you continue on your medical journey! Stay strong, and know that God is with you every step of the way🙏❤️!

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