Scan/Biopsy Update

Update time, friends.

Nick had both a CT and bone scan yesterday and we received the results today…the cancer is contained in his liver. All of the praises going up..what a relief and breath of positivity for the day!

We also received his biopsy results from his liver team at Mayo….the biopsy came back marked “moderately differentiated”, which falls within a criteria that University of Toronto would consider doing a transplant. This is certainly not a guarantee that Nick will be put on their transplant list…but it is a start. We now have the green light to go to Toronto for a transplant evaluation as they would like to see Nick. The surgeon in Toronto that Nicks liver team is trying to pair us with is booked out for over a month but the Mayo team is doing their best to make the connections and get us in as quickly as possible…their hope is within a week or two. We will also work on our own to get the ball rolling with U of T tomorrow in hopes of speeding up the process.

The liver team made it clear that they do not feel Nicks liver could tolerate any treatment during the waiting period or that the risk of complications of treatments would be worth what he could be jeopardizing; they think acting as quickly as possible on this transplant is what we need to focus on. So that, we will do. We are all in to make these next steps happen and are praying that Nick can be seen for an evaluation as quickly as possible.

All in all, our hearts feel bright and positive this evening; we are taking today as such a step in the right direction! Nick is feeling pretty good overall. He’s in good spirits and trying to stay up and going while also listening to his body when it needs a break. His appetite is amazing, which is so important, so just trying to keep him filled with all the good stuff.

Now, we come to the part where I crumble. Each of you. It’s not very often that I’m left speechless…just ask Nick;) But you all leave me without the ability to construe just how you have made us feel. We have read every single comment and card. We’ve felt every single prayer. Given thanks over every meal you’ve provided us. And literally cried tears when seeing each donation. I have absolutely no idea what a person can do on this earth to receive this sort of support, I just don’t. You have lifted us higher than we knew was possible and having you with us through this journey ahead is our greatest honor. There’s no thank you big enough. We feel your love and we hope you feels ours in return.

Hopefully more to come soon


40 thoughts on “Scan/Biopsy Update

  1. Love you so much Missi. You’ve all been on my mind and in my heart & prayers all day, every day. I wish I could do more but will continue this from afar. God is good & prayer is powerful! Xoxo, Molloo

  2. That is great news! I will continue to send love, prayers and positive vibes to all of you! Know that you are in my heart and I’m here to support you!💕 -Elizabeth Taylor

    1. Thank you so much Elizabeth. You are a true testament to what a faith filled fighter is and we are so grateful for your support. I think about you more often than i can say ❤️

    1. Belongies are praying for Nick and all of you every day. Sending hugs your way. Maggie off school soon so let her know whenever you need help with kids as she would love to be of help. We all would so let us know anything we can do!

      1. Oh Robyn thank you so much. Maggie sent me the sweetest text last week. We appreciate your guys support more than we can say and will not hesitate to reach out ❤️

  3. I have no idea what I can do, but I’m living in Toronto now. Please reach out if you need anything. Thoughts and prayers to you all!

    1. Oh Kelsey thank you so much. I won’t hesitate to reach would even be so nice to see you if we had any extra time while there. Thanks again sweetheart!

  4. Thank you so much for update Missi! Pleased to hear of the uplifting, encouraging news! Our love and prayers 🙏continue for you all, as you proceed down this difficult path! Nothing is impossible with God! He will keep you safe, and give you strength! ❤️Mo and John Koehnen

  5. Such a wonderful update to read this morning! Thoughts & prayers are being sent in large quantities. Make sure to take care of yourself too Missy…Nick & the kids need food & rest, but so does Mom!! 💕

  6. I am so happy to hear this positive update!! 🙏🏼🙏🏼 Hang strong you guys- we are here for you. ❤️

  7. Wonderful news, Melissa! We will continue praying for Nick and your family. We are steps away and my schedule is open if you need anything. Sending you all a hug, love and our daily prayers.


  8. We have been praying for you all since we heard! It sounds like you guys are moving in the right direction! I pray it continues! Thinking of you all. Big Hugs!!!

  9. Oppy, Just want you to know we are thinking about you, praying for you, and sending all the positive energy from down here in Omaha your way!

    It’s incredible to see all the love and support you are receiving. Your Army is strong because they believe in you! Keep fighting and believing buddy!

    The ENTIRE Cooley Family

  10. Missi and Nick,
    We keep you in our thoughts and prayers daily. And, while I don’t know you both personally, I feel connected given being a fellow UST alumni. Keep fighting, stay strong and positive, and know you have friends and many others out here to help in any way one can. We’ve made a donation but I also have plenty of frequently flier miles on Delta if needed to help getting to and from Toronto. If needed, please let me know. God Bless.
    Mike & Dianne

    1. Michael, what an incredibly kind note. One of the many ways we see God working through this battle is in people like yourself, who so selflessly reach out and offer support without ever having met Nick. You give us strength and hope in so many ways, so thank you for taking the time to connect with us. We are so touched by your note and we truly feel you lifting us up.

  11. Such amazing news, Missi! God is good! We’ll continue in prayer warrior mode that this transplant process comes to fruition in best possible timing. Your beautiful family is in my heart every day, and I’m so glad you’re feeling all the love and support from so many. One day at a time! XO♥️

  12. Our thoughts and prayers are with Nick, you and the kids. Please tell Nick we send our best from NYC/NJ and are thinking of you all daily. Appreciate the updates. Someone above said it best, ‘one day at a time’…

  13. I think about you guys daily! Cannot believe I didn’t see this update until now. I’m glad to hear there is some positive news, all things considered. We’ll continue to send all our positive energy your way! Much love, Meghann and Mark Busch

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