Avocado Stuffed Salmon

Hey you! How can it be that we’ve been this out of touch?! Are you getting into the swing of your fall routine? This summer seemed to fly by in the blink of an eye. I hope you have been enjoying this crazy, hectic time!

All is so very well over here. We are feeling like we’ve got this “new start” thing down. Georgia is literally jumping with joy about kindergarten so far. She’s been an absolute champ with all of the newness and I couldn’t feel more proud of her. Jude’s doing his part time preschool thing and is loving his own special time with a wonderful teacher and friends…he’s such a little sponge and has an amazing, curious nature. And Rocco, well, chubby, happy and the most sweet spirited little human I’ve ever known. He brings so much joy to all of us.

Having been away from blogging these last few months has really proved to me that a part of my heart truly belongs to you guys. I’ve missed it so much..and the interaction with all of you. I’ve simply been waiting for “that perfect time” to start up again. Waiting for when things slow down and I’ve got more time to plan thoroughly, photograph to my best ability and write in peace and quiet. But guess what? I’ve realized that’s just not going to happen..and I’m totally okay with it as long as you are!

So I’ve decided to just jump back in…perfect posts or not. See, the truth is, dinner time comes so dang quickly, as you know first hand. Getting dinner on the table can feel like pure chaos. Writing out recipes as I go is something I’ve been able to handle just fine…but by the time that dinner needs to be served I’ve got two starving kiddos that need to eat so we can head up for bath and bed…and a hungry little monkey that must eat NOW or his delicious little thighs might whither away;) So the beautiful, finished-product photos? Man they just aren’t happening! I’ll get there you guys, I will. But for now, this is our new normal and I’m just fine with it. Can you ease into this whole deal with me? We can do this!

So for now, here’s what you’re going to get: me writing to you from my phone, recipes that we love that have been working for this new, busy family of 5, some sort of photo that will likely be taken with an iPhone with no editing, and a whole lot of love. You’re simply not going to get rid of me as easily as you may have thought!

So there used to be a restaurant many years ago in Minneapolis called Cafe Havana…anyone remember it? It was the most amazing spot on Washington Avenue, long before the North Loop was a thing, that served Cuban food that was socks-knocked-off worthy. And the mojitos? Ooohh wee! They had this very simple dish they served that was avocado stuffed salmon with sautéed veggies and rice. The salmon literally melted in your mouth…the combination of avocado and salmon is a complete match made in heaven..I just adored that dish.

So, as any good citizen would do, I’ve recreated the recipe at home to share with you. And while the ambiance has changed a bit-think going from a dark, candle lit, cocktail lounge vibe to a kitchen full of “mommy can you help me with this? Mommy I’m hungry! Mommy when’s daddy going to be home?! I have to go potty” type vibe….the dang salmon is still pretty stinking good! I’d pretty much take this new vibe over the old any day 💗

I hope you enjoy this uber quick, super easy one, friends! I love to serve the salmon with coconut rice and sautéed veggies, just like the good old days;)

Avocado Stuffed Salmon


4 (approx 4 oz) Salmon Fillets

2 Avocados, mashed

2 Tablespoons Olive Oil

Kosher or Sea Salt + Black Pepper, to taste


Preheat oven to 400. Place salmon fillets on a work surface and cut a slit in them horizontally (do not cut all the way through). Stuff mashed avocado in between the slits and season the fillets liberally with salt and pepper.

Heat olive oil in an oven safe skillet (I love to use cast iron for this but any will do) over medium high heat. Sear the salmon , skin side up if they have skin, for 1-2 minutes until golden brown. Flip the fillets over, transfer the pan to the oven and finish cooking until salmon is cooked to desired doneness, about 5-7 minutes depending on thickness. Serves 4.

8 thoughts on “Avocado Stuffed Salmon

  1. This looks so yummy and EASY I think I can get this on the table before we have to run out the door for one of the kids sports!

  2. Oh how I miss Cafe Havana, and this dish! It was crusted with pistachios, if I remember right—have you ever attempted that?

    1. Yes you are exactly right..wasn’t that the best?! I have definitely made pistachio crusted gosh…but never stuffed with avocado. On my to do list..thank you for the idea!

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