Spro Gard Update

Hi there! I hope you had an amazing weekend…boy did it fly by or what? So much fun, yet so nice to get back to reality.

This quick post is with regard to the CSA some of you may have signed up with through Spro Gard Farm. If you aren’t a local reader and didn’t sign up for the CSA, just disregard this note.

If you DID sign up for the CSA…man, where do I begin? First, I want to apologize to you all. When I took up this offer and referred all of you to it I had no idea such concerning circumstances would come about…I truly felt this was such an amazing opportunity for all of us. I understand that there are risks that come along with joining a CSA and my thoughts go out to Frank and the Spro Gard crew who are trying to work through all of the farm damage, etc, that has happened.

Some of you have inquired to Frank about where to go from here and I want you to know I am right there with you. I, too, purchased a CSA that isn’t panning out and have felt so frustrated from the lack of communication that has come from Frank and the crew….truthfully, I am shocked by it. I have been making several phone calls and countless emails myself and have not had the response I would expect in a situation like this. This should be handled in a much more professional way moving forward and I will do everything in my power to make sure that happens; you deserve to have your voices heard by him and questions answered.

I just wanted you to know I feel you and the frustration you may be experiencing through this and I am so very sorry you were put in this position. If you want to chat further or have any specific questions for me don’t hesitate to reach out via email anytime: melissaoprish@yahoo.com

Thanks, friends…here’s to hoping this is all worked out in a timely manner!