More to come..

Here is an oldie but goodie that a friend suggested I repost for those of you that may have missed it…the best dang pot roast to grace this earth, I swear. It’s all I’ve got for now, folks…our internet is down at home and we are expecting a full house this weekend to celebrate Jude’s baptism so I’m not really in any shape to lug these kiddos up to the coffee shop to edit photos and get a new post in. I’m actually laughing out loud imagining what that scene would look like: an unshowered, under slept mama that has a list of to do’s running thru her brain, a toddler that is behaving as though she’s eaten 452 pixie sticks accompanied by a teething drool bug…I think we would be kicked out in a matter of 3 minutes.

I must say, though, that I could not be more anxious for the weekend. Family and friends and lots of food all in the comfort of my own home? Bring. It. On.

Ps Jude requested this Tres Leches Cake for his celebration, just like Georgia had for her baptism. If you haven’t, you must. You just must. I’m making 2…one for me and one for everyone else. What? It’s mothers day weekend!
Take special care, my friends…I’ll be back next week. And to all you mamas out there…surround yourself with every little thing that makes your heart happy…you deserve nothing less! Xo

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