Unbeatable Key Lime Pie (takeout)


Our kitchen has been out of commission because we have been having sink issues so I’ve been on vacation away from cooking the last few days.  Although it has been a nice change of pace eating out for the majority of the weekend I miss cooking and eating in my own kitchen!  So as I wait for the plumber to arrive I thought I would share with all of you Twin Cities folk a little gem we recently discovered.  Also known as the Key Lime Pie from this joint.

We had some friends over for dinner not long ago and they offered to bring dessert.  For those of you who know me well you know I would MUCH prefer to be cooking rather than baking…that baking stuff is just too much rule following for me 😉  So when they offered I couldn’t turn them down (not to mention they have amazing taste in food so I knew whatever they brought would be insanely delicious).  So they show up at our doorstep with the most precious baby boy on the planet and this key lime pie that was not only the most beautifully looking thing but the taste…oh my.  gosh.  You absolutely, positively better believe this will be my new go-to when I am asked to bring dessert to someones house or when I am having company of my own.  I truly couldn’t even try to beat this in my own kitchen.  So, if you get the chance…pick one up. Just make sure you have plenty of bellies to share it with or you might devour the entire thing on your own.

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