Slow Cooker White Chicken Chili


I suppose we are due for a Super Bowl friendly recipe, no?  Sunday is the big day-I have no idea who is playing in this game.  I also have no idea where this game is being played. One thing I do know, tho, is that I look forward to the commercials.  And I also know of the perfect recipe to pair with this hyped up event.   Continue reading

Southwest Chorizo and Bean Soup


Well, my guess is, by now,  you have gathered that soups are kind of my thing.  We just click well, for so many reasons.

I love to make them as I go, adding this, that or whatever is left sitting in my fridge or pantry-it’s like piecing together a flavor puzzle; the pieces being whats available in your kitchen.  It teaches me so many dynamics about true cooking. What pairs well together, which flavors and textures don’t mesh.  Soups and stews tend to be my best learned lessons-and provide me my most creative time in the kitchen, which I love. Continue reading

Sausage, Bean and Veggie Soup


If you’re looking for a phenomenal tasting, ridiculously quick and easy recipe for a warm, cozy pot of soup head on over to Twin Cities Moms Blog, friends. ¬†I shared a family favorite today that I’m pretty positive you will adore as much as we do. ¬†I have shared the recipe with you in the past, but it’s been a while, so in case you’ve forgotten about it or missed it the first time around I thought it would only be noble of me to share it again. ¬†Especially considering the forecast here in Minnesota for the weekend. ¬†Oye. ¬†A piping hot bowl of this stuff juuuust might come in handy‚Ķbrrr! ¬† ¬† Continue reading

Slow Cooker Smokey Ham and White Bean Soup


I’ve got a thing for a good ham and bean soup. It’s old school. ¬†A staple. ¬†Nostalgia central. ¬† It’s like a really fantastic, ¬†super old pair of Chuck Taylors, or that worn in sweatshirt with all the holes in it. ¬†Solid. ¬†Legit. Classic. ¬†Always in style. ¬†So this recipe? ¬†My jam.

I’ve tried simmering this stuff on the stove for hours. ¬†I’ve soaked the beans overnight. ¬†I’ve used beans from a can. ¬† I’ve seared the ham before slow cooking it. ¬†I’ve added roasted garlic. ¬†The list could go on. ¬† I’ve fussed around with ham and bean soup in every way, shape or form and this ridiculous, itty bitty, hardly-any-work-or-ingredients recipe is by far the best I have done to date. ¬† Continue reading

Lentil and Sausage Stew


I may have had MFPD when I threw this stew together.  That’s a thing, right?  Multiple Food Personality Disorder?  You know, when you get cooking and throw a bunch of random ingredients together that aren’t typically supposed to “go” with one another?

Italian sausage and greek yogurt?  Eh, it’s happened I suppose.  But cilantro?  Now thats just peculiar.  But right.  So very right with this stew. Continue reading