Savory Chicken Stew


Hello there!  I apologize for my hiatus this last week.  I am fully aware that excuses are useless but things have been a little nutty around here.  My husband has been traveling the last two weeks and our house has been full of all sorts of crazy…and Im totally over this single parenting thing, it makes me so grateful for the time Nick is home.  Holiday parties, Christmas programs, deadlines, croup, first birthdays, family visits, graffiti on bedroom walls (the culprit shall remain nameless but lets just say that it appears that the year of “3” has started off with quite a bang), meltdowns, deviance, weaning and sleepless nights.  But theres still plenty of merriment around here as things are looking pretty darn good right now.  Daddy is hours away from being home.  Empathy seems to have been implemented into that tiny “3” year old body that I swear I didn’t know.  Sleep has been had the last couple nights.  And Christmas is coming!  We are looking so forward to time with family!

Dinners have been consisting of macaroni and cheese, sandwiches and yes….gingerbread houses.  Sometimes you just go with it, I suppose 😉  But Im putting my foot down.  This Savory Chicken Stew is currently simmering on the stove and I just realized I don’t think I have shared this recipe with you guys.  It’s so very comforting and rich…its a favorite.  Simple, healthy and one pot friendly, to boot.  So if you’re looking to get away from the junk for an evening..have at this.  It’s a perfect way to ring in our much needed family-back-together, fun-filled weekend.  Happy holidays to all of you…stay warm, cozy and keep those bellies nice and full!  So much love, friends! xo

Find the recipe here

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