Spinach and Pancetta Salad with Fried Egg

SONY DSCThis salad has been happening since my husband and I were dating.  It very well could be the reason he asked me to marry him.  And if it is, I am totally okay with that.  I will keep feeding him this for better or worse, as long as we both shall live.  Of course, as long as he shares with me.   Continue reading

Burger with Over-Easy Egg and Sriracha Sauce


Guys…I’m just not sure what to write. What do you want me to say?  That this is the most awful burger I’ve ever put in my mouth?  That I’d positively never, EVER advise you to eat such a disgrace? That the spicy, creamy sauce is a joke…and that teaming it up with a grilled burger, gooey, rich egg yolk and a juicy tomato is just disgusting?  Well thats surely not going to happen.  It’s pure heaven in my belly, people. PURE.  HEAVEN. Continue reading