Roasted Spaghetti Squash Pie


Spaghetti Pie.  My guess it’s graced your family’s table in some way, shape or form.  Think baked ziti, with spaghetti noodles.  It’s casserole-ish.  Hot dish-ish, to my Minnesotan friends.  It’s comforting, rich, gooey and just plain welcomed in my home.

So, how about Spaghetti Pie with roasted spaghetti squash?  Have you?  Would you?  You should.  You totally should.  Heres why… Continue reading

Roasted Spaghetti Squash Carbonara


I won’t deny it.  Pasta Carbonara tends to be one of my favorite dishes on the planet when I’m in the mood for comfort.  And my entire family is right there with me, even on picky-eating days.  It’s as indulgent as all get out and I am always able to get it on the table in a matter of minutes which is huge.

But my little unsatisfied food brain got to thinking….if Carbonara is so delicious and weeknight savvy with spaghetti pasta…why the heck couldn’t it be with spaghetti squash?     Continue reading

Weeknight Pasta with Sausage and Parmesan

Well, the time has come my friends. My computer has taken a turn for the worse. It will be admitted into the ICU on Thursday. Prayers, positive vibes and pleas that my not-backed-up blogging lifeline can make a full, healthy recovery. Turns out, pumping it full of nourishing food just wasn’t enough. Touché.  Continue reading

Quick Bolognese Sauce


“Spaghetti” doesn’t happen often around here and every time I make this recipe for Quick Bolognese Sauce I ask myself why.  Its like one of those basic recipes that I forget to come back to. But just yesterday, as the leaves began to fall a bit, I took a break from grilling and salads and lightness galore and ended up with this pot of gold on my stove. Continue reading

Asparagus and Pancetta Pasta


Would it be weird to call a dish light and indulgent all at the same time?  This pasta is a cinch to get on the table and is full of bright, fresh flavor while still tasting a bit rich.  I’ve basically dummied this recipe down out of pure laziness and we love the results.  I keep going back to it not only because I can count on everyone enjoying it (my non-asparagus loving daughter actually devours it in here) but because it requires minimal ingredients and couldn’t be more simple to throw together.  It’s on the table in 15…total score! Continue reading

Brussels Sprout and Prosciutto Pasta


With the short list of ingredients you’d think this dish has nothing to offer.  Throw in the fact that you’ll have it on the table in no more than 20 minutes, start to finish and you may want to just stop reading and get back to your day.  But STOP.  DONT GO.  PLEASE.  Just give me another chance.  Im begging!  Just read one more sentence before you go: Continue reading