Sweet, Salty, Antioxidant Rich Snack Mix + Thanksgiving Meal Inspiration


I planned on just leaving you with a bit of Thanksgiving meal inspiration today.  I did.  But it felt wrong, you know, not sharing a new recipe and all.  It felt like going to a dinner party empty handed.  No dish to share, no bottle of wine or even fresh flowers.  It felt icky.  So it’s not going to happen.  This snack mix is your hostess gift.  I hope you like it ūüėČ Continue reading

Crispy Oven Fish Sticks with Dill Yogurt Sauce


Let’s just get right to it. ¬†I’m not a cod girl. ¬†Never have been, never will be. ¬†It just doesn’t do much for me. ¬†Unless its battered. ¬†And deep fried. ¬†And doused in a lip puckering dunking sauce of deliciousness. ¬†Then I’m a cod girl.

So thats what I’ve done here with this recipe. ¬†I’ve ‘battered’ it. ¬†And ‘deep fried’ it. ¬†And doused it in a lip puckering dunking sauce of deliciousness. ¬†Without truly battering it. ¬†And without deep frying it. ¬†Shh‚Ķmy family has no idea! Continue reading

Cinnamon Pear Sauce


So friends, as you may remember, I am a total fan of homemade applesauce. ¬†It’s unbeatable‚Ķstore bought varieties just don’t compare. ¬†Not to mention when you make it homemade you’re not stripping away a ton of the nutrients through processing and preserving. ¬†I’m just sold on the whole deal, especially considering how simple it is to prepare at home.

Now,¬†theres a couple of kinds of food love, in my book. ¬†Theres being a¬†total fan, as I told you I was of the applesauce in the paragraph above. ¬†And then theres¬†Hallelujah, over the moon, this-is-out-of-control, party-don’t-stop¬†food love. ¬†This Cinnamon Pear Sauce? ¬†I would classify it under the latter. ¬† Continue reading

Blackberry Oat Breakfast Bars

SONY DSC These are a result of a kitchen accident. ¬†A while back I set out to create a recipe for a crumble or cobbler topping. ¬†Now, you know me and baking. ¬†It takes a good handful of tries for me to achieve greatness on that end. ¬†Baking + healthful doesn’t always make the best couple. ¬†Textures have to be played with and ratios have to be changed and changed as I go. ¬†It’s not like adding this or adding that to make them taste better‚Ķits science. ¬†And people, I am no scientist.¬† Continue reading

Mango Coconut Dreamsicle Pops


So there’s delicious. ¬†And then there’s these. ¬†Beyond delicious. ¬†Indescribably delicious. ¬†So delicious you’ll make them for your kids and fight them for the last one. ¬†So please, those of you without wee ones, make these. ¬†Make them all for yourself. ¬†Eat them all to yourself. ¬†And think of me. Continue reading

Pumpkin Mookies


I did it all for the mookie, cmon, the mookie, cmon, so you can take that cookie‚Ķand stick it up your….  Annnnnnd I will be blaming that one on sleep deprivation and a teething child. I apologize in advance for that song sticking in your head for the next 24-48 hours.  Georgia has even been singing it‚Ķall day.  Proper, I know.  But listen.  You come up with a better name for a muffin/cookie hybrid and I will change the name of this sweet treat in a heartbeat. Continue reading