The Nourished Smoothie


My darling friend and neighbor, Heather, stopped to say hi as I was out shoveling the other day.  She is about as supportive with this blog as they come…always sending me cute messages about how she made and loved a recipe and giving me pats on the back that are priceless, in my opinion.  As she pulled away I mentioned to her that I am always open to suggestions and ideas for things she would like to see more of on the blog (that goes for all of you as well…I LOVE direction-even if my husband may disagree). Oddly enough she sent me a message later suggesting the idea of a smoothie recipe.  This is so incredibly coincidental because Georgia and I have been playing with smoothie recipes for the last week…trying to mix up something we both really love.  Great minds think alike, Heather 😉

Let me start off by telling you I have been boycotting smoothies for years.  I had straight up no time for them.  I mean, come on…I’d so much rather eat my food than drink it.  And then my second child came along. And my 2 year old became a 2 year old. And I’ve become desperate.  Desperate for quick, simple, easy, on the go options for breakfast.  My poor daughter is on the verge of turning in to a hard boiled egg, I swear.  You see, often times we are rushing out the door about 5 minutes late before we’ve even left the house.  I’m nursing one kid in an attempt to fill him up before we leave (because as you can see from my previous post he’s extremely malnourished) and the other is taking her socks and boots off before we can get out the door.  So I finish feeding Jude, put him in his carseat, go put Georgias socks and boots back on along with her coat and hat, get my own winter gear on, get Jude out of his carseat and changed because of course he pooped the minute I got him in, put him back in his carseat, put Georgias hat and boots back on again (this time I can usually catch her before she gets everything off), get the car started, get back inside to find that Georgia has taken her boots off again, put her boots back on, get the car packed up, put the kids in the car and this is when I realize I need to get Georgia something to eat.  She’s not a big breakfast eater but we try to have at least a little protein to get our day started.  I’d like to let you know on a side note that the other day as we pulled out of the driveway I felt I had an eyelash in my eye so I pulled the mirror down to find Georgias “princess crown” on top of my head.  In addition to the above process, I also now attempt to check myself in the mirror before getting in the car myself. If you could see me today you’d find that I rarely stick to that.

So, after telling you about our total debacle of an attempt to get out the door I need to tell you that these smoothies have saved me.  I typically make them up either the night before or in the morning before the kids get up, store them in the fridge and they are all ready to go as we rush out the door.  They are so incredibly simple and yummy…they’ve converted me to a smoothie lover.  Through our week of testing out recipes I learned that I absolutely positively can not stand seeds in my smoothies so most berries were out.  This recipe was the winner for both of us.  The peaches and banana are an awesomely sweet combination, the spinach simply adds color and nutrients without effecting the taste and the coconut milk and yogurt provide healthy fats, protein and give it an amazingly smooth taste and texture.


On another side note…here is the view from our living room window today.  We are supposed to get 10 more inches.  Im considering putting tequila in my smoothie tomorrow.


The Nourished Smoothie


1 Cup Frozen Peaches

1 Cup Spinach Leaves

1 Banana

3/4 Cup Greek Yogurt

1 Cup Unsweetened Coconut Milk

1 Tablespoon Honey, optional


Combine all ingredients in a blender; blend until smooth.  Serves 2

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