Veggie Soup Puree


I write this post for you, baby with the need for good food. I know you are longing for flavor, I can tell. That baby food stuff has got to get old. Mashed bananas. Gritty peas. I do not blame you. I also know that you are sick and tired of every store bought food pouch tasting the same…sweet, like fruit. Sure, they think they are trying to be healthy and tease you by throwing a few veggies into those fruit purees to mask the flavor…but I sit here and laugh with you because they have belittled your beautiful developing tastebuds. I know, I tried telling them…you DO like the taste of savory veggies! How the heck are these people expecting you to experience different flavors and develop a liking for anything other than fruit?! Yes, fruit is good for you. But veggies? Vital. So important for your precious little body and brain. So, squishy baby, I write this for you. Continue reading