My Heart Nourishment


Friends…a couple of quick notes.  I’ll be taking a few days off for some time away with family.  I will try my best to check in a few times next week, but consider me “out of commission” for this weekend.

I also wanted to give you the heads up:  I technically should be changing the name of this site to Nourished PeachES..but hey, I’ve never been one to conform 😉  Our family of three is turning into a family of four in December and we could not feel more blessed!  We found out today that we’ve got a baby boy on the way and I tell you what, there is absolutely positively nothing more heart tugging and overwhelmingly beautiful than seeing that healthy heart beat, those tiny little feet and that smoochable nose all snuggled up and cozy.  I ask myself daily how I got so lucky…but today especially.  Holy cow am I in love already.

Have an extra wonderful weekend you guys..I’ll catch you next week!  xo