PB and J Crispy Bars


Once upon a time there was a mommy.  And this mommy promised her little girl allllllllll day long that after her nap she would wake up to a wonderful treat of peanut butter crunchy bars with chocolate drizzled on top.  So when the little girl when down for her nap the mommy headed right for the kitchen…she was so excited to eat the peanut butter chocolate treats herself prepare such an awesome treat for her little girl.  She measured and scooped and poured and stirred.  The crunchy peanut butter bars smelled amazing.  And now came the really fun part….the chocolate drizzled on top!  Mommy went to the cupboard to get the chocolate pieces.  But she could not find them.  She looked high.  She looked low. And everywhere in between. She began to sweat. How will I make the peanut butter crunchy bars with chocolate drizzled on top without the chocolate? I know I bought chocolate!   And then she became angry.  Smoke nearly started coming out of her ears.  The mommy had not-so-nice thoughts running through her head of what she wanted to do to the daddy.  She realized the daddy probably ate all of the chocolate pieces because daddy has a problem.  A problem with consuming everything in sight that resembles chocolate in a matter of milliseconds.  He’s like a really friendly chocolate monster.  Mommy decided she was going to get a padlock for her chocolate cupboard.  Not for the little girl or her baby brother but for her daddy.   Continue reading