Waverunner Chicken with Citrus Salsa and Coconut Brown Rice

SONY DSCI don’t even know where to begin, you guys.  I made this dish a while back and I am literally about ready to jump through the screen in an attempt to devour these photos because I want to eat this again immediately.  Incredible.  Just incredible.

Now let’s just start from the beginning, okay?  Urban Halo…yes?  No?  If you haven’t…you are welcome for the introduction, and I apologize for your addiction all at the same time.  I’ve been a fan of this company and their headbands for a solid couple of years and for so many valid reasons…it’s local, started by a fellow mama like myself who was looking to create the most stylish, functional headbands on the planet and I’m pretty sure she has accomplished her mission.  These are my gym bff (and they don’t slip!!!)..and they are cute and comfy enough to keep on all day long after my workout.  Also, pretty much my saving grace on those rush-out-the-door mornings with no time to do my hair.  Not to mention Georgia is also obsessed..and man do they look cute on a silly little five year old, too.  So fun to share my stash with her! Continue reading

Baked Coconut Brown Rice


This rice could basically serve as breakfast, dessert or dinner.  It’s rich and sweet with a hint of savory…I can’t tell you how well I devour this stuff.  Serve it for breakfast instead of oatmeal.  Or throw a little ground cinnamon and a tad maple syrup right on top for a healthy, hearty dessert.  But for dinner?  Aye yaye yaye.  It’s the perfect compliment to any meat or veggies from the grill.  Mix the smoky grilled taste with this sweet, creamy side and its a match made in heaven. Continue reading