Maple Coconut Snack Nuts


‘The Holidays’.  Is it safe to say they are upon us?  I’m going to  go ahead and declare a yay on that.  It is November, after all.  And the hustle and bustle is right around the corner.  I’ll be the first to admit, I love it.  Most of it.

I love it because of the constant gathering around the table with loved ones. People just tend to get together more often, at least in my world.  Whether it’s a group of couples having  a fun dinner out on the town, old friends who are hosting a gathering in an effort to get the ‘gang’ back together, or simply having dinner at other families houses, we just tend to do it more often around this time of year.  And I’m TOTALLY cool with that. Continue reading

Last Minute…


Hey you!  In case you need a few last minute ideas for tomorrows big game…here you have it.   It will just be the four of us here…and although none of us are all that pumped about the game…we will be eating in celebration!  I plan to make a big pot of chill and, of course, the dates on the video below (my absolute favorite)…but here are a  couple links to a few other favorites if you guys are interested. Continue reading