Spiced Plum Cake


If you have been following along here for a while you have probably realized that refined sugar and flour recipes don’t come around Nourished Peach much.  Quite frankly, this could be the very first one I have ever written about.  But just hear me out.

We eat well.  And by we, I mean my family at home and you, my NP family.  We do, we pack our every day diets with color and nutrients and protein and diversity.   Not because we want to see the scale drop or because we are trying to stay hip to new diet trends; because we care for our bodies, we care about the food we eat and because we get pleasure from gorgeous, enjoyable meals.  Food, with NP, is not only about fueling our bodies.  It’s about seriously enjoying the process of preparing the food and the gratification of the finished, delicious product.  And more than anything, to me, it is about sharing that finished product with the people I love most.  It’s about feeding bellies and souls.  Cooking is my favorite way to show love, and enjoying a meal with my friends and family is my favorite way to spend time.   Having all of those wonderful reasons we eat well allows us the ability to avoid diet rollercoasters, deprivation and unhealthful relationships with food.   Continue reading

Chocolate Peppermint Crunch Clusters


These are a real thing, you guys.  They happened in my kitchen just yesterday.  I saw them with my own two eyes.  I tasted them with my very own tastebuds.  I shared them with a few small grateful children and a couple friends.  And now, they are gone.  Today, no more.  So I’ll be making another batch just as soon as I get this recipe into your hands.   Continue reading

Sweet, Salty, Antioxidant Rich Snack Mix + Thanksgiving Meal Inspiration


I planned on just leaving you with a bit of Thanksgiving meal inspiration today.  I did.  But it felt wrong, you know, not sharing a new recipe and all.  It felt like going to a dinner party empty handed.  No dish to share, no bottle of wine or even fresh flowers.  It felt icky.  So it’s not going to happen.  This snack mix is your hostess gift.  I hope you like it ūüėČ Continue reading

Roasted Spaghetti Squash Pie


Spaghetti Pie. ¬†My guess it’s graced your family’s table in some way, shape or form. ¬†Think baked ziti, with spaghetti noodles. ¬†It’s casserole-ish. ¬†Hot dish-ish, to my Minnesotan friends. ¬†It’s comforting, rich, gooey and just plain welcomed in my home.

So, how about Spaghetti Pie with roasted spaghetti squash? ¬†Have you? ¬†Would you? ¬†You should. ¬†You totally should. ¬†Heres why… Continue reading

Maple Coconut Snack Nuts


‘The Holidays’. ¬†Is it safe to say they are upon us? ¬†I’m going to ¬†go ahead and declare a yay on that. ¬†It is November, after all. ¬†And the hustle and bustle is right around the corner. ¬†I’ll be the first to admit, I love it. ¬†Most of it.

I love it because of the constant gathering around the table with loved ones. People just tend to get together more often, at least in my world. ¬†Whether it’s a group of couples having ¬†a fun dinner out on the town, old friends who are hosting a gathering in an effort to get the ‘gang’ back together, or simply having dinner at other families houses, we just tend to do it more often around this time of year. ¬†And I’m TOTALLY cool with that. Continue reading