Survey Request

Hello you all, I hope this post finds you well and basking in spring! My patient, fellow Minnesotans…my gracious is this sunshine deserved! Just here with a check-in and to share my heart a bit. It’s a been a while and I’ve really missed you. Truly.

First and foremost…an update on my husband, Nick. He is well and just thriving. His bloodwork has been good..and while we had a bit of a scare last summer when they found a spot on his lung, I’m happy to say things are looking clear since they did surgery to remove the spot. His scans have looked great and he’s getting them every few months. He looks so healthy, is thriving in a new career and he’s coaching the kids…all things that we once took so greatly for granted but are eternally grateful for today. It’s all just incredible 🤍 Your continued prayers are felt by my family and we thank God every day for this incredible community that rallied behind us.

Now, onward and upward! In my many years of writing recipes and sharing them with you I mentioned several times that when my kiddos are all in school I really hoped to make it a full time job in some way…and here I am sending my baby to kindergarten in the fall. There is not a ton I love more than sharing the gift of food with you. But here’s something I’ve learned about myself along the way (and holy cow have my 40’s been so much learning thus far)…I am overwhelmed by social media. There you have it, I said it. Oh my gosh I feel liberated and need to scream that via my keyboard again…I AM OVERWHELMED BY SOCIAL MEDIA!

Social media is lovely in so many ways but I have learned that I do not thrive when I center my personal worth and values around it…and that can be so easy to do when we spend too much time on it. This does not mean I don’t respect others who are sharing on social media, because I do..heck, I might even decide to share this post on a platform. This simply means I personally do not thrive when I am overly engaged on it. I just have to be mindful of the time I spend and who I listen to.

Which becomes a liiiiitttttttllleeee bit of a problem when you’re trying to run a food blog. We all know the only way to survive in that industry is to be all over social media, multiple times a day. It’s a proven fact. But I just have these giant dreams of making something work without social media. Have I lost my mind? To have a trustworthy place to go for those that also choose not to rely on weeding through stories and posts of conflicting influence and ideas around eating.

When it comes to eating there are so many thoughts, ideas, trends, influencers, challenges, eat-this, don’t-eat-that ideals that I believe our society is a nutritional mess of a rollercoaster. It’s hard to know where to turn when the information is coming at you from every different angle. But in reality, unless there is an allergy, don’t the majority of us want to just eat better…more balanced…in a way that makes us feel really good? We don’t want to deprive ourselves. We want to enjoy delicious food without stigmas behind it all. Food complexes are real. And dangerous. Our relationship with food truly matters and plays into our wellness. My holistic nutrition training taught me that…but my life experiences have proven it.

You know I’ve always cared about what my family has eaten within reason, you guys. But watching my husband push through aggressive cancer and 9 months of incredibly invasive treatment when every single month they told us it could kill him has changed every bone in my body. I watched it. I saw how he cared for his stress. I saw how he gently weeded out certain things by creating a balanced lifestyle. I saw him have the clarity, drive and physical energy to fight and heal through unimaginable trauma. And while there is no question that food played heavy into this…his APPROACH to life did, too. Wellness is not just what we put in our bodies….it’s giving our bodies emotional power, respect and grace.

So here I am just feeling like I have this giant mission to help. To share and make a difference…and I can do that through my passion for eating wellness and balance. I really can’t tell you exactly what that looks like just yet because I’m still working through some ideas. But I do believe I have a road ahead and I’m asking for your help. I have a link to a simple, short survey below…would you be so kind to take a minute to fill it out for me? I’m trying to uncover YOUR needs and how I can best serve you…all while, in full transparency, trying to gain some of my income back after a crazy few years.

Please know that I value this community beyond measure. From the time my sweet 10 year old Georgia was just a baby you’ve been around cooking with me..and you’ve stuck around through the most trying times of my life. I truly believe we can be leaders in balance and bring clarity to eating well. If not for ourselves, for our kiddos who are watching our every move because they are what’s next in leadership.

The survey link is below…and please send any and all additional ideas, suggestions, wants, needs, ANYTHING directly to me via email

Sending you all of the love! Will be in touch!



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