Minnesota CSA: Spro Gard Farm

Okay you guys.  I don’t think you know how excited I am right now.  It just doesn’t get much happier for me.

If you follow NP on social media you know that I’ve put some feelers out there for my local friends with regard to interest in doing a CSA this summer (if you don’t, please do…I’d really love to see you over there: Facebook@ nourished peach, Instagram @ nourishedpeach and Twitter @nourishedpeach1) .  So, hey local friends..I’m happy to report back!  Non-local friends, my apologies…I’ll be back asap with more recipes.  

Here’s the deal…I found us a deal.  I’ve been interested (interested=begging my husband) in doing a CSA for a couple of years now.  If you aren’t familiar with CSA, it stands for ‘Community Supported Agriculture’.  It’s a way for us to get local, healthful, fabulous produce right from the growers hands instead of from a grocery store.  CSA farms are quickly on the rise, especially in Minnesota, and for very good reasons.  Here are a few of the reasons I’m jumping on board:

  1.  It allows me to bypass the middle guys (grocers) and support my local farm directly.  It’s community building.  It’s simplifying things for those local farmers that are working their tails off.  It’s  the right thing to do, in my opinion.
  2. It allows my family fresh, organic, homegrown produce weekly.  Enough said.
  3. It’s education for my children.  With CSA, each week you receive a box from your local farmer with an array of produce to enjoy.  My kids will learn where that food came from, how it grew, what it tastes like…hows that for valuing food and the privileges that we have?  And to top it all off…they are learning to make healthful, nourishing choices for themselves.  This, to me, is so very much.
  4. The freshness and quality of the food.

So those are the reasons I am choosing to do a CSA.  I decided to stop talking about it and just do it, for goodness sakes.  The tricky part was finding a CSA farm that was the right fit for my family.  I researched and read and here’s the deal….Spro Gard Farm is it.  My farm.  Totally my jam.

After a few conversations with the farmer/owner/operator, Frank, I knew this farm was the right fit for me.  It has been in his family for decades and, after he decided to leave the IT world and take over the farm he took it from a conventional farm to a 100% organic farm.  That means no chemicals or harsh agricultural practices.  And that is fantastic.

-He offers free delivery of CSA’s to anywhere in the metro.  I know, this is rare you guys.  He delivers them…to your door..once a week.  This means each week you will get a box of freshly picked produce that this guy has sown and harvested.  Bomb.com.

-He chooses heritage breeds and heirloom varieties when he is able to..and this means he is producing the most delicious, high quality produce imaginable.

-He also allows you to have some say in what produce you are being sent.  This is truly unheard of in the CSA world.  Most times, you get your box and, as I would say to my kids, you get what you get and you don’t throw a fit.  With Spro Gard, Frank will send an email each week letting us know what he will be sending.  If there is something you really don’t care for or want you can take it out of your box and replace it with something you really enjoy.  Um, yes?!

-He is affordable.  So incredibly affordable.

-‘Spro Gard Farm’ means ‘crazy farm’ in Norwegian…so yes, it’s a great fit for my family

This is only Franks second year doing CSA.  He’s got a full year of success from it under his belt, but he started off with a small group of buyers last year because he wanted to get it right.  And now, after his first year, he’s ready to spread the word and take on more business.

So, after a few chats with Frank I had an idea.  Hey, if I am willing to help spread the word through Nourished Peach, do you think he would be willing to give me and my readers a discount on our CSA?  

The answer?  Yes!  You guys..yes he will!  I truly get the feeling that Spro Gard Farm is out for the experience..for getting this stuff into our hands and changing the way our community lives and grows.  It makes me so happy.  And I’m so excited to share this with you.

If you go to Spro Gard Farm’s website you can look around and find the options they have for CSA.  They have both full and half CSA’s for spring, summer and fall.  I decided to go with the Your Way CSA (June-Sept) to get started.

So here it goes…here’s what Spro Gard Farm is willing to give Nourished Peach readers…

  1.  15% off total CSA packages + any additional egg and meat purchases

this is huge.  huge.  From my research, Spro Gard is already one of the most affordable CSA farms out there…and far surpasses any other organic farm I’ve ever come accross.  Pair that with an additional 15% off and it’s simply too good of a deal to pass up. Plus the discount on farm fresh meat and eggs?  I’m ecstatic.  Let me show you how this breaks down for the full CSA that I ordered and for the half CSA that some of you may be interested in (the details between the differences are all on the website but the full will typically supplement 12-14 meals per week):

Full CSA (June-Sept) is regularly $595.  Take 15% off and it is now $505.75

-think about this for a second…this equates to $31.60 a week you will be paying for more organic, fresh, homegrown produce than you know what to do with-and it is delivered right to your door…from the farmer. Less than I spend on weekly produce for sure.  I mean seriously.

Half CSA (June-Sept) is regularly $355.  Take 15% off and it is now $301.75.

-this equates to $18.86 per week.  You guys.  Do you know how much money I spend on produce at the grocery store?  Not $18.86 per week…and its not always organic…and it’s not delivered to my house…and it surely doesn’t taste homegrown.  THIS IS CRAZY!

2.  Ongoing savings of 25% at Spro Gard’s “specialty shop” online where you can purchase basically anything homegrown under the sun.

3.  Spro Gard Farm will match, dollar for dollar, the amount that Nourished Peach readers spend on CSA this year and donate it in the form of produce, meat and eggs to a local food charity of our choice, in our name.  As if this farm didn’t have my heart already.  This is a big deal you guys….a very big deal.  We can make a difference in the lives of so many (and we can work together to come up with the food charity that we choose).

I already placed my order and the process is super simple, fast and secure.  All you need is to enter the code NPEACH at checkout and you will automatically be given the savings.

So…tell me your thoughts.  What questions do you have?  What can I help with?  Are you as excited as I am for this?  Let’s do this, you guys…together.  It would be so fun to receive these surprise boxes of goodies with you each week..the possibilities (and health benefits) are endless!  xo

Feel free to pass these savings on to your friends and families, too.

Here is Spro Gard Farm Website http://www.sprogard.com

Don’t forget to use the code NPEACH at  checkout!







19 thoughts on “Minnesota CSA: Spro Gard Farm

  1. Oh my word!! I’m so excited! We’ve been talking about doing this for years– can’t wait to be a part of it. Thanks for doing all the research and planning for me 🙂

      1. I ended up going with the full plus eggs but I’m guessing we will add meat on every other week or so. Truly can’t wait for our first shipment!

  2. I’m beyond excited! I’ve heard these wonderful, precious farmers are out there but haven’t been able to find one for myself. Those who are fortunate enough to have found one hesitate to share their secret source. These gems are in high demand! Thank you Missi! For caring about where your food comes from, supporting your local farmers, doing all the legwork, negotiating a discounted price and then sharing it with all of us! And not to forget, thank you Spro Gard for being who you are and everything you stand for! I love everything about this! Sign me up!

    1. Thank you thank you!! I’ve wanted to do a CSA forever and have never pulled the trigger. I’m so excited to have the 1/2 CSA and will likely add eggs and meat on each work. You are amazing, Melissa. Thanks for bringing healthy food to my family!

      1. I just told my husband last night that all we all needed was a little nudge…and little information/knowledge. So happy to have you on board Kristin!

  3. Hi Missy! I hope you are well! I am super excited that you found this CSA! I am for sure doing the Summer half but wondered why you decided not to do the Spring basket? Any particular reason?

    Kristine Modrow — Sent from my iPhone


    1. Hey there! To be honest…it’s because I typically buy my farm fresh produce beginning in June…I just don’t typically see too much available in the spring in MN. I’d love to look more into it tho..to see what he has available in those early months!

  4. Is anyone having trouble with their CSA service through SproGard? Or getting a hold of them? I have left several messages, emailed, FB, no response. I’m a loss and quite frustrated.

    1. I currently am drafting a post to go out about this. I completely understand your frustration and am very disgusted myself with the lack of professionalism and communication all of the sudden.

  5. Hey just thought I’d share my experience with Spro Gard since I found out about them from your site here.

    I had been a part of another CSA but went with Spro Gard since they were organic and also delivered to my door! Week one: deliveries were off schedule by 8 hours. Whatever its week one, they’re probably just getting the bugs worked out. Week two: delivery was off by an entire day. In between week 2 and week 3 they cancelled all home deliveries and offered a full refund for those not interested in picking up each week from a central location.

    That was 2 months ago. I havd pestered them about my refund, they said they used the CSA money to buy seed and other stuff and that they couldn’t refund until they had the funds. Totally bogus excuse. I’m not the only one who is out 500 bucks with no refund in sight.

    1. I am so sorry to hear of your experience and frustration. I did write an update on this a couple of weeks ago..did you see it?
      I am right there with you. Finally, just last night, after months of both my husband and I trying to contact Frank my husband connected with him. He is still waiting for more money to come in so he can refund the remaining 2/3 of people but he claims he had more fresh produce, meats and eggs than he knows what to do with and would credit folks with product immediately if that is of interest. I really need to think about this because I have lost quite a bit of trust in his business, but I may end up going that route.

      1. The claims he made don’t follow good business practices. If he didn’t have the capital or insurance to cover his ineptitude then he should go find another way to eat his loss rather than at the expense of the consumer. 100% of the risk is being dished out to his paying customers who are out 300 to 500 bucks with nothing to show for it and no faith that he’ll pay them back.

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